Writer Notes: the Wicked + the Divine

Spoilers, obv.


Out Now: The Wicked + the Divine 1831, Cinema Purgatorio 5 and Mercury Heat 11

And we head back to the 19th century to explore our Romantic pantheon, with Stephanie Hans on art. This one was a lot of work to do, and was punishing for the whole team, but we’re very happy with how it came together. It is very goth, as is only right. I hope you enjoy it.

This is our first special. We’re planning to do more of them – probably one between every arc. We’ll probably collect them in their own trade either after the end of our run, or just before the end. In other words, this is going to be only in single issues for a very long time (as in, multiple years) As such, those who are trade-followers may wish to make an exception for this. It’s a standalone issue and doesn’t spoil anything in the fourth trade, which is out in early October.

Worth nothing that this is slightly more expensive as well – $3.99 versus our usual $3.50. That’s because it’s slightly longer – we normally budget for 20 pages of actual new art per issue, and this one has 26. 

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology ordirect from Image. The actual Preview is here.

Also in the last few weeks…
Cinema Purgatorio 5! Available in shops, from Comixology or Comics Cavalade.


The penultimate issue. Available from shops or digitally.


Uber Kickstarter

Uber returns! Lots more details over here, explaining about the project.

Short version is: if you’ve ever wanted to try Uber, these are the best value ways to do so.

Writer Notes: The Wicked + the Divine #22


Spoilers, obv.


Out: The Wicked + the Divine #22


RISING ACTION reaches its conclusion. KICK! SPLODE! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT, etc.

Suffice to say it’s one which is worth reading before you risk any spoilers. We’re half-way through the story and it’s another big change of status quo. Hope you enjoy it.

There’s also an excellent Olly Moss Alternate cover.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixologyor direct from Image. We didn’t do a preview. That bodes ill.

Also, over on the tumblr, I’m doing the fandom’s 30 day challenge, doing a series of short essays on those topics. Up to Day 22 now, so lots of stuff. Go read.

Out Today: Darth Vader #24 and Darth Vader: The Shu Torun War


The penultimate episode of Dark Vader. I’ve talked about this one a little before, and obviously don’t want to warp the experience, but it’s almost certainly the most unusual issue of the series. It’s basically our version of the Dagobah cave sequence, and we go deep Sith. I suspect people will either adore or despise this, and early feedback (thankfully) seems to lean to the former. Hope you find it interesting.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

On a similar note…


The latest Darth Vader trade, collecting the third arc of the series (fourth including VADER DOWN). Star Wars goes Star WARS. Go gets!

Out Today: Cinema Purgatorio #4 and Fresh Romance TPB


The fourth trip to the dingy satanic(?!?!?!) cinema features all the usual favourites, plus the Ig-monster and my MODDED. In this issue we have pelvic weaponry, cameos from analogues of games writers and much more. 

Oh – added bonus: here’s a caption I deleted at lettering as it was too self-indulgent even for me…

Which probably counts as a Ludocrats update.

You can buy it from your local retailer, or via Comixology or DRM free from Comics Cavalcade.

Fresh Romance is the Eisner Award Nominated digital comic that myself and Christine Norrie did a short story for the collected edition, funded by Kickstarter. The general comic shop Oni edition is now out, and well worth getting.

More about Fresh Romance here.

Oh – Marguerite Bennett and 

Rafael De Latorre’s new book is out this week. ANIMOSITY. Excited by it, though have yet to get a copy. I have read Ed and Sean’s KILL OR BE KILLED though, which is also out today, and awesome.


Out: The Wicked + the Divine #21


With a solicit which basically read FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! you may get a subtle feeling what this is about. Our pop video as action comic reaches its penultimate issues and the stakes are higher even than the heels. Well, mostly.

What am I writing?

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixologyor direct from Image. The actual Preview is here.

Out: Cinema Purgatorio #3

The anthology continues, and Modded continues does Modded things. In this one, basically a Super Meat Boy analogue fights a Dark Soul analogue in a little formalist fighty thing. Also, Ignacio continues to my favourite monsters. Yay!

Just finished my first draft of issue 7 today, which I enjoyed far too much. I’m scratching all sorts of bizarre itches.

You can buy it from your local retailer, or via Comixology or DRM free from Comics Cavalcade.