Out Today: Original Sin 3.4 and Uber 16

Two books out this week. Firstly…


Where I say goodbye to Iron Man. It’s been a fascinating exercise in co-writing this one, and Mark and I have wrestled with it at least as much as Tony and Bruce have. The last one… well, as far as goodbyes go, I quite like this one. Of all my Marvel work, it reminds me most of the second issue of AvX Consequences. See what you think.

Preview here and you can buy Digitally here.


Wherein we see the effect of the Blitzmensch on the shape of the war. Naval Warfare, more Battleship candidates and lots more. Daniel does some wonderful things with the shippping.

You can buy digitally here, which also includes some preview pages.

Nine Worlds Schedule

I’ll be at the Nine Worlds con this weekend, where I’ll be being aggressively myself for 72 hours straight. Stay clear.

If you decide to disobey that clear guideline, you can find me at any of these. And the bar, obv.

I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything. That is very unlikely to happen, obv.


With some trepidation, I agreed to go on this…

Fourth Wall Fandom: creator/fan interaction, gently crumbling the fourth wall
Creators of canon are increasingly likely to interact with their fanbase, whether by referencing fannish tropes in the TV show / film / book, or by interacting with fans on social media platforms. This doesn’t always work out well … The panel discuss how creators can learn to love fandom, how fans can engage with creators, and whether creators (fan or pro) should engage with transformations of their work.
Panel: Emma England, Kieron Gillen, Roz Kaveney, Melissa Taylor, Zalia

…which obviously will be interesting depending how honest diplomatic I decide to be. There’s a panel about sex and violence on at the same time, which would have been much more fun. Man! I just don’t have a tiny drop of sense in my amusingly potato shaped head.

Later, quoting from Paul’s blog

8.30pm: Only A Moment (Room 38). This is a well known game involving speaking for a minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition, renamed because the BBC got in touch. (No, seriously!) I’ll be running it, and Elizabeth Bear, Kieron Gillen, Liz Myles and Laurie Penny will be my guests.

Clearly, I’ll be crap at all of this, so this would be ideal for anyone who likes seeing me being humiliated in public.



1.30pm – 2.45pm
Dis/Continuity: long-running characters, change, evolution and disruption
The challenges, joys, disappointments and outright confusion of writing, following and redesigning characters with 60+ years of sometimes-not-entirely-straightforward back story.
Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, Nat Wilkinson, Misha Sumra

…where Paul and I will have a good whine about our Iron Man and Wolverine runs, I suspect, because we are big ol’ whiners.

Then probably the one I’m worrying about most…

5.00pm – 6.45pm
Creators on Comics
Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Uncanny X-Men, The Wicked & The Divine) dismantles WATCHMEN to demonstrate everything everyone should have ripped off instead of just tediously having superdudes break other dude’s fingers. Si Spurrier (Six-Gun Gorilla, X-Force, Disenchanted) talks about the eternal sexual war between WORDS and PICTURES! Then they answer questions! And chat! And hold one another!
Si Spurrier, Kieron Gillen, Hazel Robinson

…Where you probably sense a little Gillen-has-written-this about the above text.

(I didn’t write my bio. I’m a little disappointed it didn’t feature STRONG CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and/or mentioning of the Skavengers.)

Anyway – I’m doing a formalist examination of Watchmen, basically in response to Jon Browne asking what was so special about Watchmen anyway. I’m still writing this, so I’m wrestling with all manner of stuff, not least that ejecting lots of more standard literary analysis to concentrate on formalism does miss so much of what makes Watchmen work. And then fitting it in 40 minutes tops.

I may just throw it all out and just spend my time reciting bits of WE3.



Writing Historical Fiction and Fanfic: is RPF okay when the person is dead?
How do we write about historical characters? Is historical fiction a form of Real Person Fiction if it features people who appear in the historical record? A panel of authors and fans discuss techniques of writing historical fiction and how writing about the dead differs from writing about the living.
Panel: Alex Dally MacFarlane, Tanya Brown, Elizabeth Bear, Aliette de Bodard, Kieron Gillen.

…will probably involve me saying “Of course. Lighten up. And write about the living too, FFS. Just know why you’re fucking doing it. Same as all art ever, etc.”

Anyway! I’ll be having a nice lie down until it’s time for…

Cara’s Fireside
Time: 8:30-9:45
Once again, we’ll be rounding out the convention in front of Cara’s fireplace for a relaxed evening chat about life, video games, and whatever catches her and her guest’s interest.
Cara Ellison, Kieron Gillen

No idea what we’re going to be talking about, but Cara and I basically are very mean to each other professionally, so it should be a giggle.

And then I’ll be sleeping and never doing this ever again.

Darth Vader Announced


As I was leaving my Brother’s wedding, the news broke at SDCC that I’d be writing the ongoing DARTH VADER book. Salvador Larroca draws, Adi Granov on the lovely cover above. In Canon, set between A NEW HOPE and EMPIRE.

(We did talk about maybe doing a live link up from the Wedding for the panel, but clearly midnight at a wedding in Scotland does involve the risk of a lot of men in kilts displaying their wares live to a horrified audience across the Pacific.)

Anyway – I got in last night, and tried to work out what to tweet about it. I ended up saying “So. As announced at SDCC, I’m doing a DARTH VADER book. What can I say? I fear it’s the mainstream comic book I was born to write.”  Which still suspect sounds about right, y’know? I’ve been basically writing Villain books on the sly since I’ve been at Marvel. Time to really go for it.

Let’s pull a relatively restrained quote from the CBR interview which basically explains how the  book operates…

So at the end of the first “Star Wars” film he’s the sole survivor of the greatest military disaster of all time. And more importantly he let the Rebels escape with the plans! He chose to let them escape with the plans. There are lots of people to blame for the Death Star. It’s not like it’s just Darth’s fault, but he certainly foots some of the blame.

Then the next time we see him in “Empire” he’s more powerful than ever. He treats people in “Empire” with more contempt than he treats them in “A New Hope.” So something happens between those two films. There is the question of what the destruction of the Death Star actually created. So this story is basically the fall and rise of Darth Vader and all the things that happen along the way. That’s why it interests me.

When I talk about this I tend to use the film “The Godfather” as a reference in terms of how it worked and that it featured a villain protagonist who we’re still interested in. The second reference I use is “House of Cards.” This is a man who is an incredibly powerful member of an organization and he feels he is being slighted. This is him choosing and being forced to do things he maybe wouldn’t have done originally and to rebuild and change his power situation.

Anyway – lots more interviews, and out next February.

USA Today

And, yes, this is the one I left Iron Man to do. I think you’ll like it.


ANGELA: ASGARDIAN ASSASSIN has been announced. Details here.

I’m on holiday for a few days, guys. Sorrrry, etc.



Once again, we have a little yabber.

Spoilers, obv.

(And for followers of the blog, you may note we haven’t updated for a while – I think we’re back alive. Service should be okay)

Writer Notes: THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #1


As I mentioned this in the back of the issue, I probably better do this, eh?

In short – here’s a bunch of commentary on the issue.

Spoilers, obv.



My life basically goes out of its way to confuse me.



The first issue of the four-part story Mark Waid and myself worked on together. This issue is Mark scripting, the next is me, but the whole thing involved the pair of us banging our head against the wall until a story emerged magnificently from the blood smears co-writing.

Was a fascinating experience all around, really, and probably the most co-writery co-writing thing I’ve been involved with, even above EVERYTHING BURNS.

You can get it from your local shop or via comixology when this week’s comics go live, and the Preview is here.

The Wicked + the Divine #1 Out

Let’s do this thing.


You can buy any of these three covers of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE in your local shop. You can also buy THE WICKED + THE DIVINE from Comixology or direct from Image.

We have several retailer specific variants, of which details can be found here.

If you’re unaware of the book, here’s the preview.

Here’s three quickly pulled quotes from the first bunch of reviews.

“This is pop comics. It’s that song that comes on the radio that you’ll have stuck in your head for days.”Newsarama
“Image’s 2014 line-up is the envy of every other publisher; but The Wicked + The Divine is going to be the jewel in Image’s crown.” – Comicosity
“It is the definition of must read comics.” – Comics Bulletin

They’re all 10/10s, btw. Or 5/5 in the case of Comics Bulletin, but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Here’s the quotes we compiled from clever people before the book came out. More have happened since, which is getting Overkill. Hey – Gerard Way was nice about it this morning, which was very lovely.

If you want to see us talk about the project, a really good interview is about to go up over at Comics Alliance. I’ll edit in when it does.

We’ll be signing from 6-7 today at Forbidden Planet, so if you’re in London, come along and say hello.

Thanks for paying attention to this. We can’t believe it’s finally going to be in your hands. We’re feeling rather sappy, so we’ll shut up.

Once again, we return.

Blog Update

For those who come here regularly, you’ll have noticed it’s been down a bunch. I’m not exactly sure why, and due to my current work and travel situation, I haven’t got time to dig into it properly. I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Until then, if you want updates to my work life, mixed with a bunch of less Workblog stuff, you can read my Tumblr. From now on, I’m going to start tagging anything which is pure work related as workstuff, so if you follow that tag it’ll avoid all my nonsense.

(And nowt on the tag yet, btw.)

Though if you want to read my nonsense, you’re more than welcome.

The Wicked + The Divine Pre-order Final Call


If you follow me on any form of social media, you may be aware of it, but probably best to put something here in more formal round-up fashion.

Basically, Monday is the cut off date for pre-orders of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #1. You can ask for a copy after that, but it won’t influence the initial print run, so if you get a chance, saying to your shop that you would like a copy put aside is an excellent thing.

It’ll be out on June 18th.

Don’t know about Pre-ordering? Don’t worry. I did an illustrated guide.

You see the cover above? That’s the lovely one Bryan Lee O’Malley had done. As well as our two standard covers, this is available. You can tell your shop what cover you’d like and they should be able to sort it out.

You haven’t seen the comic yet, have you? If you want a tease, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has a six page preview up. It’s from the middle of the issue, and pretty carefully chosen to give you a slice of what the book’s like. Part of me almost wants to say “Well, if you know you’re going to read it, and can wait, you totally should” but that’s just me being terribly precious.

If you’ve been on twitter, you’ve probably seen about half the comic industry say ludicrously nice things about us. They’re collated in the press release here as of Friday, but I keep on adding whatever new stuff turns up to this Storify page. Let’s just pull out the first six quotes…

“I read THE WICKED + THE DIVINE last night, and no matter how high your expectations are for it, it’s better.” —Scott Snyder, Batman, American Vampire, WYTCHES.

“So if you’re looking for a new favourite comic, tell your store you want The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie in June.” —Warren Ellis, TREES, SUPREME: BLUE ROSE

“Just read The Wicked + The Divine by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shi—“ —Becky Cloonan, Demo, Batman, By Chance or Providence

“It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.” —Wil Wheaton, actor

“Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine is better than Young Avengers. Better than Phonogram. Better than Watchmen. Better than The Bible.” —Matt Fraction, SEX CRIMINALS, Hawkeye

“I got to read Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s new series, The Wicked + the Divine and it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. You need it.” —Ed Brubaker, FATALE, Criminal

There’s more than another 20 in the press release. The response to the PDF we sent out has been more than a little overwhelming.

I’ve been doing a bunch of press. Here’s a handful to give you the taste…
Panel Beats.
Bleeding Cool.
Den Of Geek.

I’ve only done a single podcast interview, which is Three Bods One Pod, which was a total giggle. Listen!

The place for general WicDiv updates? That’ll be THE WICKED AND DIVINE’s tumblr.

And I think that’s it for now. If you get a chance to pre-order before the end of money, we’d appreciate it.

And less than a month to go. Oh man. Oh man.

Out Today: Uber 13, Iron Man 25 and FCBD Uber Digital


And Another Uber as we catch up with our release schedule. Just putting Issue 14 to bed this week, which is exciting. Anyway! This one goes off to catch up with Maria after her escape form her imprisonment. It’s me doing my cheery Russian Lit pastiche, and basically focuses on a single home that Maria intersects with. It’s a stand alone issue, and I’m actually pretty fond of this one. I suspect it’s not a bad one to dabble in if you want to try Uber out – yes, it touches on the larger thrust of it, but you don’t need any more knowledge than the isolated farmers.

You can get it from your local shop, or digitally.

Talking about digital Uber, here’s a freebie…


There’s been people asking whether there would be a digital version of our free comic book day. The answer is yes. This is basically me doing a short oral history of issues 0-11 of Uber. There’s obviously increasing spoilers the more you progress into it, but if you want a taste of how the book works, this would be a good one. Also FREE, which is nice. Very Free.

You can download it here.

Finally, over at Marvel…


Tony versus Elves. Cold Iron Man armour. Weaponized Fairy lore. A gag born three years ago and whose time has finally come.

Preview here and you can buy it digitally here.