Out Today: Uber 10


One thing out today, and it’s the penultimate issue of Uber’s first year. This brings the focus back on the Western Front, and Britain Specifically. Back on the R&D front, really. Also includes nudity, Battleships having dinner chat, Stephanie being drenched in Ennui while smoking, Churchill drenching himself in Scotch, Hitler being a bad dinner host and lots more. The above cover is the wrap-around one, but you can see the other editions over here.

You can buy it from your local comic shop or via Comixology when it updates. Which will be (ooh) soon, but I’m out for the rest of the day celebrating my anniversary of lady-wed. You can handle it.



In this very special podcast, I’m joined by Eisner-award winner Becky Cloonan.

Becky’s career dances between what we could term the mainstream and what we could term the alternative, never resting, never finding a home, but never once seeming uncomfortable. I’ve loved her since the Jennie Zero graphic novel with Brian Wood, and never done anything to make me feel otherwise about her work. Today, we’re talking about her self-published trilology of short comics – Wolves, The Mire and Demeter, which are being collected into an expanded hardback under the name By Chance Or Providence.

However, I do warn you, This really is a very special podcast in a very real and not particularly complimentary way. The skype recording went amazingly haywire, randomly double-tracking Becky and losing me for ten minutes at a time, before returning to normal. I’ve actually done a massive editing job, re-interjecting questions and similar. It just about hangs together.

Just about.

The three minicomics are available to buy directly from Becky, as well as digitally through comixology . Also the expanded collection of all three is available to Pre-order presently.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

Or you could use this handy little embed.

Study Aids


Wolves Front Page
One of the front pages for Wolves. Immediately the mood is set. I love the complicity in the fourth-wall breaking.

Wolves title page
The first image of the story proper, and a flash forward.

Wolves page 2
The furthest-forward in time sequences.

Wolves 18 Panel
Close on the alternative art style for the flashback sequence to the earliest periods.

The Mire Title Page
First image in the Mire. One bit I lost in the recording was talking about how the neutrality of this is very understated first time through the book, which alters with later knowledge. White space is key here.

The Mire Collage
The Mire Collage 2
The much-discussed collage/romance sequence.

demeter first image
The image in Demeter before the story. Way to set the mood, y’know?

Demeter Peering through window and SHHH
Dialogue behind windows.

Demeter shhhh
The segue from the shh of the sea to “Shush”.

Pre-order for By Chance Or Providence

Our theme tune? Los Campesinos’ We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

Writer Notes: Uber 9

As issue 10 must be inching closer to release, let’s have a nose at issue 9. Spoilers, obv.

Iron Man 22 Out

Iron man 22

Yes, late in the day for this, but if shops are still open where you are, you can buy IRON MAN 22 today, which is the conclusion of IRON METROPOLITAN. Fights! Denouements! Surprise Villains! New Armour! Stuff! And if shops aren’t open where you are, you can go tomorrow and/or buy it digitally.

Preview here.

Comics Out: THREE #5 and ORIGIN II # 3


And we bring THREE to its conclusion in an oversized issue. More essay, more stuff, more things. Also, stabbing and monologues.

You can buy the whole series digitally here and there’s a preview here.


Meanwhile, we’re half way through Origin II and we get in home with our Alan Moore and go all 9 panel grid.

You can buy it digitally here and Preview here.

The Wicked & The Divine Update

Covers for the first issue…


tumblr_n17oi3ecsf1rp6eo5o1_1280 (1)

A new interview is over here.

And a release? June.

And colourist? MATT WILSON.

We’re sort of gearing up for the reveal of more about the book, including our snazzy bespoke advert. Which is basically four or five excitements, on a scale of one to four excitements.

If you’re wondering about my blogging tactics for this, I’m doing a lot more blogging over on my tumblr, but I’m mainly keeping the workblog as a “this is only the absolute most important stuff.” This normally means keeping it on top for a day.

Out Today: Iron Man Annual and the Complete Journey Into Mystery Vol 1

Two things out today. One is the latest episode, the other the first half of probably the best thing I’ve ever done for Marvel.


The Annual is thirty pages of comics which basically spins off a bunch of stuff from FATAL FRONTIER back into my Iron Man book. Just fun to get a chance to write SHOCKWORKER, really. Also, a straight ahead honest romance story.

Preview here, available on Comixology here.


Journey Into Mystery was my fantasy novel in the Marvel Universe. 31 or so issues long. this collects the first half.

You’ll like this one.



This time I’m joined by Antony Johnston. Antony previously appeared in Decompressed 15, talking about THE COLDEST CITY. But that was in front of an audience at Game City, so we were on our best behaviour. This time we’re mumbling on Skype, as is a comic creators preferred form of communication. Except passive-aggression, obv. Anyway! Antony’s career as a writer is divided between his work in Games and Comic. In comics, until recently his signature work was the post-apocalyptic series WASTELAND. That may be changing, as he’s recently launched two new series via Image. The first, UMBRAL is an excellent Dark Fantasy book. The second, and the subject of today’s discussion is, THE FUSE, his book with Justin Greenwood, Shari Chankamma and Ed Brisson.

The Fuse is available to buy in your local comic shop, as well as digitally through comixology and direct from Image.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

Or you could use this handy little embed.

Study Aids

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3, Panels 4 and 5

Page 4 and 5

Page 6 and 7

Page 8

Page 19, Panels 1 – 3

One point perspective in Kubrick.
German Consultant to everyone in UK Comics and artist, Julia Scheele.
Iron Wok Jan
Frank Ironwine

Our theme tune? Los Campesinos’ We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

Friday April 11th: THREE/Uber TPB Signing

A the title says. I’ll be at Forbidden Planet early Friday evening signing the released-that week THREE and UBER collections.

More details here.

On Sale: Iron Man 21


One comic of mine drops this week, which is the penultimate issue of IRON METROPOLITAN. Herein we set the stage for epic conflict, do a little pop-science-journo-writing and generally have fun.

You can find the preview here. You can buy it from your local shop, or digitally here.

Also not by me, but relevant to those who followed my stuff, Al and Lee’s LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD launches. Give it a look. I think you’ll like it. (Digital here)

Oh – while we’re plugging comments, I did a quick rant about why you should take advantage of LUCIFER being on sale for 99c an issue.