The Guardian: 10 Years Of NGJ Interview

I was on the Guardians Tech Weekly a couple of weeks back to “celebrate” the 10 years of New Games Journalism and everything else.

They’ve lobbed up the whole interview onto their sound-cloud, so if you fancy an hour of talking about everything to do with games, comic and life generally, this is a fun one. People often do ask me a bit about my background, and this covers a lot of the major beats, including where I come from intellectually, speaking.

Fun, basically. Would do again, though would have to write another manifesto and wait 10 years first.

(I’m also going to get around to posting the speech I made on the event itself at some point. Probably will wait until next week.)

Three/Uber Forbidden Planet Signing, April 10th


As in, Tomorrow. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, eh?

Anyway! As THREE came out this week, and UBER’s TPB a week or two back, Forbidden Planet has invited me to do an hour signing at their London Megastore. That’s at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8JR, and between 6 and 7pm. The THREE edition is actually a bookplate edition, with a lovely Ryan drawing. Come along and say Hi.

More details here, though worth stressing that at the time of writing there’s a few errors in terms of content.

Out This Week: THREE TPB & Iron Man 24

A little late for this, as I was off in the belly of the Dragon Marvel. However…


The collection of the THREE series by Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles and myself. Plus historical excellence by Professor Stephen Hodkinson. Three helot slaves on the run from 300 of the greatest warriors the world have ever known. The edition includes the conversation between Stephen and myself, a new set of annotations, concept art, process pages and similar things. It’s a beautiful single volume, and it’s one of the things I’m proudest of having been able to do. I also suspect it may make a nice gift. Go gets, or at least have a flick. As well as your local comic or mail-order retailer, you’ll be able to get it at Amazon and all the usual suspects shortly. And obv you can get it digitally.

I’ll be doing a post about it later, but I’m also doing a signing for it and UBER Vol 1 at the London Forbidden Planet on Friday.



Tony’s mission to the realm of the Dark Elves goes badly wrong. Lots of culture clash joy here, I think. As well as shops, it’s available digitally, and the Preview is here.

On Sale: Uber Special #1, Origin II 4 and Uber Vol 1

Busy week.


Let’s go with this first. It’s our first Uber Annual, which is a third longer than the usual comic, a third more expensive and forms three short stories on a theme. Basically, it’s us finally digging into the background of the three Battleships.

You know? This includes some of the most horrific material in Uber – Siegfried’s story is incredibly difficult reading for me, let alone anyone else – but it’s also one of the better single issues of the whole thing. If you want to try out Uber, I suspect this may be a good single issue to grab to see where we are with it at the moment, especially if you bounced off it earlier on. Also has the first non-Caanan art, courtesy of Gabriel Andrade and Daniel Gete. Strong stuff all around by them.

Here’s some preview art and if you don’t get stuff from comic shops, you can buy a digital issue here.


Almost as dark is the penultimate issue of ORIGIN II. None of this comes from a cheery headspace, to say the least. Adam and Frank do exemplary work here, and we’re in that point in the story where we just start showing our hand a little, and then a lot.

There’s a preview here. You can get it via your local shop, or Comixology.



Also, the long awaited first paperback collection of Uber is out today. It’s issue 0-5, which is basically seven issues of content. And this is dark too.

Dark week. I miss Young Avengers and smiling.

New Games Journalism: Tenth Anniversary Reunion

“It was 10 years ago on Sunday, Sergeant Gillen taught the band (of games journalists) to play (games with their writing mainly involving talking about their subjective experience which they were doing anyway so he totally gets too much credit but he gave it a name, and history is written by those who choose to write histories so WINNAH)”

Coining the phrase New Games Journalism was my most infamous moment in Games Journalism. It happened 10 years ago last Saturday. Keith of the Guardian and I were chatting about it, and it struck us as amusing to recreate the pub evening which begat me staying up late at night hammering it out. So basically, get me, Jon Hicks and Tim Edwards together and see what happens. In a pub.

We’re doing it, Wednesday 26th. And you’re invited!

You can buy tickets here, and this is the blurb…

Ten years ago this week, Kieron Gillen got home from the pub and decided he wanted to change games journalism forever. At 2.04am in the morning on March 23, he posted onto his website, The New Games Journalism manifesto, a heartfelt call for games writing to change, to become more subjective, more personal, more better (I’m paraphrasing here).
So what happened to young Kieron on that fateful night at the Delfter Krug bar in Bath? Who was with him? And did his famed – some say infamous – manifesto have any impact on the games media?
To find out, we’ll be reuniting Kieron with the two journalists he was talking to that night at the pub, ex-PC Gamer colleague Tim Edwards and Jon Hicks, now editor of the Official Xbox Magazine. In conversation with Guardian games editor Keith Stuart (who was probably in the bar as well), the trio will attempt to recall the magic of that modest night down the boozer, as well as assessing the legacy of NGJ and the way writing about games has changed in the following decade.
Afterwards, we’ll have a Q&A session with Kieron so you can ask about his writing, either in games or for Marvel where he does those super hero comics that seem quite popular these days.
PLUS – EXCITING ADDITION: Later on, we’ll be talking to new Kotaku UK editor Keza MacDonald and video journalist Matt Lees about the legacy of NGJ and the role of young games writers in the industry today.
SO, if you’re at all interested in games writing, what it means, why it is the way it is and what the heck these guys talked about that night, then COME ALONG! Doors will open at 7pm and entry is £5 (plus booking fee) – which includes one free drink of some sort. However, you then have to stay and have more booze or I’ll have to pay for the function room and my wife will kill me.

There will be fun and chat and Q&A (which can be pretty much about anything to do with what we do, so pop along. The ticket price includes a drink, so it’s pretty much a couple of quid.

Now, at last, we can talk about the war.

Which we won.


Oh – I also talk to Alec about it over at RPS.


While the title of the Third YA trade certainly takes top billing here, tradition dictates single issues go first…

Iron Man 23

A new arc RINGS OF THE MANDARIN is basically Iron Man vs Malekith the Accursed, with the Mandarins Rings flying around in the mix. It’s basically black-ops culture clash stuff, and me throwing Tony into areas he’s particularly uncomfortable with. Also, brings Dark Angel over from Revolutionary War. If you like my stuff playing around in the Thor corners of Marvel, I suspect you’d like this.

Preview here. You can buy it from your local shop or via digital electro shops.



Yes, I can’t quite believe we went with that Title. Still, it’s very much our Mic-drop, ending Young Avengers v2 on our own terms and having a bunch of fun with friends along the way. With the three trades out, basically I can just… relax. There we go. Take all three trades, stick them together on the shelf and toast goodbye to 2013. Love to everyone. It was a time.

You can get it from your local shop or any comic online retailer, or pre-order from something like Amazon US/UK as bookshops take a little longer to get copies.

Writer Notes: THREE #5

As I’ve just been signing off on the trade, let’s do some final notes here. Spoilers, obv.

Chaos Reborn

London Super Comic Con


London Super Comic Con is this weekend. I’m there, at the Avatar booth, basically the whole time. Come and say “Hi” if you’re about. You can say more than “Hi” if you like. It’s just a traditional opening. We can wing it from there

Details here.

Out Today: Uber 10


One thing out today, and it’s the penultimate issue of Uber’s first year. This brings the focus back on the Western Front, and Britain Specifically. Back on the R&D front, really. Also includes nudity, Battleships having dinner chat, Stephanie being drenched in Ennui while smoking, Churchill drenching himself in Scotch, Hitler being a bad dinner host and lots more. The above cover is the wrap-around one, but you can see the other editions over here.

You can buy it from your local comic shop or via Comixology when it updates. Which will be (ooh) soon, but I’m out for the rest of the day celebrating my anniversary of lady-wed. You can handle it.