The End

TL:DR: Follow the newsletter for updates on what I’m up to.

I’ve decided it’s time to mothball the site until I can find time to get it redesigned to something with its own distinct purpose – namely, something more stationary, ala Warren and Jamie.

At the moment, it’s basically just an extra task on the To Do list to port content from the tumblr to here. As such, the tumblr remains for my generalised blogging. At least at the moment, twitter is me in chatting mode, though I’m considering stepping back from there as well.

The Newsletter is basically the direct replacement for the Workblog, in terms of being the MUST KNOW updates, and extended pieces of writing. Follow that if you want to keep in touch with what I’m up to. I will try to entertain.

I’ve been running this workblog since 2002, so the decision of “no, this is not worth it any more” surprises me with how swiftly it’s come on. You wake up one day and figure “That’s enough.”

It’s been fun. See you elsewhere. The workblog is over, yet the work continues for us all.

Out Today: Darth Vader #24 and Darth Vader: The Shu Torun War


The penultimate episode of Dark Vader. I’ve talked about this one a little before, and obviously don’t want to warp the experience, but it’s almost certainly the most unusual issue of the series. It’s basically our version of the Dagobah cave sequence, and we go deep Sith. I suspect people will either adore or despise this, and early feedback (thankfully) seems to lean to the former. Hope you find it interesting.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

On a similar note…


The latest Darth Vader trade, collecting the third arc of the series (fourth including VADER DOWN). Star Wars goes Star WARS. Go gets!

Out Today: Darth Vader #22

END OF GAMES continues its merry way on and… well, this one is Darth Vader versus a cybernetic Rancor. Do I really have to say more?

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

Out Today: WicDiv 11, Darth Vader 6, Crossed 78

Big week.


The climax of Fandemonium, and the first year of WicDiv. As you may guess by how aggressively we’ve been encouraging people to avoid the Internet and spoilers that it’s a major one. You’d be right.

Glad to be through the first year. This was very much my vision for the book in the initial conception. Now, onwards.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. There’s a 3 page preview at Comixology.


And similarly, I finish my first arc on DARTH VADER and pretty much lay out the book’s status quo. Larroca and Delgado did wonderful stuff here – the whole end sequence was masterful.

It’s is available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.I

The fourth part of the HOMO TORTOR arc, where various horrible things continue to happen.

It’s available from your local shop or comixology.

Out Now: The Wicked + the Divine #7, Uber #21

Missed this yesterday, but here’s a look at what’s about.


Where we go to THE FANTHEON in London, meet Woden and generally have the whole con experience. Odd structure to this one, which I’ll try to write about in the notes, but has a lot of fun stuff in the mix. Very much about the detail, which is probably a Woden metaphor, or may just be us being us.

Preview here.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image.


Wherein we head towards the conclusion of THE SHADOW WAR, where we reveal what’s going on with Hitler, what’s going on at Bletchley and have Maria and Sieglinde meet in Kiev for a strong exchange of words and/or blows.

You can buy it from shops or digitally. There’s a little preview on the Comixology page.

Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable.

Out Today: Uber 18


I’ve been looking forward to getting this one out there.

UBER 18 is basically where I delve into the Manhattan Project, and all things atomic bomb-y. It’s also a stand-alone issue, which means if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to try out Uber (or want to see how the book’s changed since it’s early days) this would be a good one to grab. 

You can buy it from your local comic shop or via Comixology. There’s also a preview of the issue on the Comixology site if you want to have a nose.

Hmm. I now realise we’ve got the bomb the wrong colour on the cover. Don’t worry, it’s right on the inside.

Hope you find it interesting.



Once again, we have a little yabber.

Spoilers, obv.

(And for followers of the blog, you may note we haven’t updated for a while – I think we’re back alive. Service should be okay)

The Guardian: 10 Years Of NGJ Interview

I was on the Guardians Tech Weekly a couple of weeks back to “celebrate” the 10 years of New Games Journalism and everything else.

They’ve lobbed up the whole interview onto their sound-cloud, so if you fancy an hour of talking about everything to do with games, comic and life generally, this is a fun one. People often do ask me a bit about my background, and this covers a lot of the major beats, including where I come from intellectually, speaking.

Fun, basically. Would do again, though would have to write another manifesto and wait 10 years first.

(I’m also going to get around to posting the speech I made on the event itself at some point. Probably will wait until next week.)

The Wicked & The Divine


What are Jamie and I doing after leaving Young Avengers? We’re doing this, just announced at the Image Expo. The first interview here. Example quote, which sums up the core of the book…

Every 90 years or so, eleven gods incarnate in the bodies of the young. They are charismatic and brilliant. They stand before crowds, speak in tongues, and send them into rapture. They’re rumoured to perform secretive miracles. They save people’s lives, either metaphorically or literally.

They are loved. They are hated. They are brilliant.

Within two years, they’re dead.

That’s our cast. People with enormous gifts who only get to be on this Earth for a scant few years. The story joins with the majority of the gods returned to Earth – from Baal to Sekhmet, from Minerva to The Morrigan. Our lead, Laura, is a devotee. She loves them. She loves all of them. They make her feel alive like nothing else.

Laura wants more. She’s not happy with being a fan. She wants to be one of them, even if it comes with that cost.

And then she meets Lucifer.

Lucifer has a certain problem.

They help each other out.

Basically, it’s a superhero comic for anyone who loves Bowie as much as Batman.

It’s an ongoing. Out Summer this year. Interview includes much more stuff, including what it means for Phonogram (in short: things remain exactly as I’ve been saying for the last few months). 

Heres the in-progress spotify playlist. Here’s the image inspiration blog. Lots more to come. 

Just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.

NYCC Schedule

I’m somewhat busy at this New York Comic Con. Instead of a straight chronology, I’m going to break it down according to type of “thing” and include the address so you can find them properly. This interactive map is pretty neat if you need some help.


There’s two main things that will be new at the show. They are…

My much-mentioned new comic with Ryan Kelly and Jordie Bellaire. It’s a historical story about the Spartan slave hunts. It’s in the shops on Wednesday, but there’s an exclusive edition for New York Comic Con that you can buy at the Image Booth (1444).

The collection of the first six issues (which is seven issues worth of comics). It also includes 160 pages of extra behind the scenes material, which is scripts, interviews, notes, stuff and things. It’s enormous and beautiful and you can buy it at the Avatar Booth (1920).

Being places where you can see me sitting at the front of a room, being uncomfortable. Full details through the click-through link.

Friday 11th
12:15 – Image: Behind The Creations Panel (1A14)

Saturday 12th

12:30 – Avatar Press Uncut Panel (1A23)
1:15pm – Inhumanity & All-new Marvel Now panel (1A06)
1:30 – Uber Unveiled Panel (1A01)

Fans of close reading may note this is somewhat (er) cramped. Basically a bunch of crossed wires lead to some cross-over. Basically, I’ll be leaving the Inhumanity panel after half an hour to go join the Uber panel 15 minutes late. Caanan and William will be holding the fort for the first fifteen minutes on the Uber panel.

Sunday 13th
11am – Marvel Unlimited Tickets Only Panel (1A08)
12pm – Marvel House Of Ideas Panel (1A22)

As you’ll see from below, Avatar is basically my home base for the con. If I’m not anywhere else, the best place to try and find me would be the Avatar booth.

In terms of signing, I’ll basically sign anything I’ve written. If you bring a lot of comics and there’s a queue, I’ll normally sign 5 or so, and then ask if it’s okay to go to the back of the line and loop around. If it’s quiet or you’ll wait long enough, I’ll sign anything. Worth noting that for signings times to promote a specific book (The Image and Avatar ones) I’ll have to prioritize people who are buying stuff, otherwise I will be attacked by a publisher with an axe, and rightly so.

Thursday 10th
4-6 Avatar Signing (1920)
6-7 Image Signing (1444)

Friday 11th
10-11 – Avatar Signing (1920)
2-3 – Avatar Signing (1920)
3-4 – Image Signing (1444)
5-6 – Marvel Signing (1354)

Saturday 12th
10-11 – Avatar Signing (1920)
11-12 Image Signing (1444)
2:30-3:45 – Avatar Signing (1920)
5:30-7pm – Avatar Signing (1920)

Sunday 13th
10-11 Avatar Sighing (1920)
2-3 Avatar Signing (1920)
3-4 Marvel Signing (1354)


Ryan’s with me at the Image signings, so you can get her signature there. She also has her own table at CC1 in Artist’s Alley. Go say hello.

Editor Supreme Lauren’s asked me to see if I can arrange this, as she’s looking to wave a camera in people’s directions to immortalise their beauty and/or try and encourage you to manoeuvre me inside an enormous wicker man for a nice little burn-me-alive.

I’m going to suggest Young Avengers cosplay meeting at Stephanie Hans’ table (L5) in Artist’s Alley at 4pm on the Saturday. Come along. It will be a fun time.