Journey Into The Cradle

The Cradle is the penultimate level in 2004’s “Thief: Deadly Shadows”. “Journey Into the Cradle”, originally printed in Issue 146 of PC GAMER, is a ten-page dissection of the level. It is, as far as I’m aware, the longest article any major magazine has printed on a single level in a videogame. Lots of people seem to like it.

Unlike the other portfolio items, where I’ve provided my raw text, the following is a PDF. While it’s bad for the bandwidth of the world, it’s the one piece which really does rely on the layout to operate correctly. All the visual elements were painstakingly created by Gamer’s long suffering art editor Mark Wynne, who has my eternal gratitude for making me look good. While I’m in a Oscar-award mode, I should also thank Jordan “Null” Thomas for his assistance, particularly providing one of my favourite interviews.

Journey Into The Cradle (6mb)