Ethics 101: Question

Rllmuk are talking consumer journalist ethics again, regarding freebies spinning off an incident over at EG yesterday. Which wasn’t freebie related but – well – these things tend to spiral.

Anyway: it reminded me of a conversation I had with a table full of peers years ago. It involved a moral dilemma. I’d be interested to see what your response will be, so I pose it here.

You’re the editor of a videogames magazine. During the course of your job, you’ve been invited to the launch party of their new AAA game. The invitation is to you and your spouse, and takes place in an American city. You’ll be flown to the event, and your hotels paid for the couple of day’s stay. However, the invitation is only extended to editors who feature the game on their next issue’s cover.

The corrolary: You’re already sticking the game on the cover. This isn’t some no-bit thing, but one of the biggest games of the year and you’d be a fool NOT to give them the cover. In fact, it’s ace. Your writer his written the review, and he thinks it’s probably the Game of the Year. So you’re doing the cover anyway.

The question is: Do you go on the trip?

Show your workings.

EDIT: Question also being discussed here.