The Book

I’ve mentioned The Book in passing a few times, but now all the contracts are signed, the work’s starting to arrive and the deadline is looming, I thought it worth actually starting to talk about it a little more.

When I say “Talk” I mean “Hype”, of course.

The idea’s really quite simple – in fact, so simple that most people we tell it to are having trouble processing it.

It’s an anthology of games writing, curated by comrade Rossignol and Myself.

In short: Games writers, writing about games. There’s been collection of essays on games before, but these have originated with developers, academics, writers or general creatives. Which is wonderful, for what it is. This is, as far as I’m aware, the first time a number of games writers have been let off the leash to have fun. The inspiration are those anthologies of music or film writing, where there’s no real driving theme except “Here’s some of the best writing about music or films”, with no linking theme other than the identies of the writers who are doing it.

So, for us, “Here’s some of the best writing about games”. No limits, bar quality.

Our glorious corporate paymasters are the people at O’Reilly, who have a number of books about emerging (and exciting) Tech-culture pop-detrius in the pipe-line. The content will be a handful of reappropriated articles alongside newly commissioned work from some of the best writers on games in existence. One of the things that Jim and I have tried to do is try and gather together a selection of different voices on games, to show how there /are/ different voices on games. It’s an anthology which will have Stuart Campbell sitting happily next to Tom Chick next to Mathilde Remy next to… well, an array of the best writers on games in existence (As the press release will probably say).

The best games writing, with a spine on the side. Excites the hell out of me.

There is, of course, one incy-wincy problem. We still don’t have a name for it.

We know it’ll be a “THE NAME: Subtitle” format. The subtitle being something descriptive (“Games Writers on Games” “The Best New Games Writing”). But the title is being a little tricky to get. The working title on the pitch document is just one of the piece’s (AB’s Posessing Barbie, one of the things we desperately wanted to reprint), which clearly won’t go. We were playing around with “R-TYPING” for a while, before rejecting it for obvious reasons. Our brainstorming has lead to a list of millions, none of which really satisfy us.

(Recent favourites included the Curtis-inspired “The Joy Division” (Playing on Division’s meaning of argument and so debate and discourse, etc), but we don’t think naming it after the sex slavery parts of concentration camps would be a terribly popular idea with our publisher. Though I quite like “Shadowplay” too. This morning produced “THE GAMEPLAY IS GOOD”, which makes us grin)

Comments are open for suggestions, ladies and gentlemen.