Motown Junk

“Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!”

One of my standard arguments is that the idea that a more adaptable controller is completely misguided, and it’s just gimmickry distractions. That one’s just been retired.


Initial impression on the the Revolution controller, especially after watching the video is that it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. If only for argumentative terms. Whether they get it or not immediately divides the entire gaming universe into cowardly, tedious luddites who are perfectly happy to sit in their squat-like holes forever and Good People. If you don’t like the Revolution controller, you are fundamentally part of the problem and killing the fucking art form.

It’s reinvented the format war in an actual meaningful way again, rather than just brand loyalty. Either you want more polygons or you want the Future.

Choose a side.

“Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!”