The End

TL:DR: Follow the newsletter for updates on what I’m up to.

I’ve decided it’s time to mothball the site until I can find time to get it redesigned to something with its own distinct purpose – namely, something more stationary, ala Warren and Jamie.

At the moment, it’s basically just an extra task on the To Do list to port content from the tumblr to here. As such, the tumblr remains for my generalised blogging. At least at the moment, twitter is me in chatting mode, though I’m considering stepping back from there as well.

The Newsletter is basically the direct replacement for the Workblog, in terms of being the MUST KNOW updates, and extended pieces of writing. Follow that if you want to keep in touch with what I’m up to. I will try to entertain.

I’ve been running this workblog since 2002, so the decision of “no, this is not worth it any more” surprises me with how swiftly it’s come on. You wake up one day and figure “That’s enough.”

It’s been fun. See you elsewhere. The workblog is over, yet the work continues for us all.