Out Now: The Wicked + the Divine #23 and My New Newsletter


And we’re back.

It’s odd. We’ve obsessed over this issue so much I’ve almost forgot that as well as everything we do with it, it’s ALSO the start of the next arc of WicDiv, IMPERIAL PHASE I.

The short high concept: the Issue is a magazine. A fashion magazine. Kevin Wada does all the magazine illustrations of the gods. Interviews are written by real world writers (Leigh Alexander, Laurie Penny, Mary HK Choi, Ezekiel Kweku, Dorian Lynskey) who write up an interview transcript as created by me role-playing each of the gods in a slack channel with the journos playing themselves. Plus some extra stuff, as when we commit, we commit.

We’re proud of this one.

More details? Here I am being interviewed about the process over at Comics alliance. Here’s Kevin being interviewed about the experience and fashion generally, also at Comics Alliance.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. You can read the preview here.

In other notes: I’ve started a newsletter about everything, including WicDiv. You can sub up here.