Out Now: The Wicked + the Divine Volume 4, Darth Vader #25, American Vampire Anthology #2 and Cinema Purgatorio #6


The fourth collection of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE drops, which is our viscera-as-mascara Bad Blood pop-thrill arc, with Matt and Jamie back in full effect. We briefly return to a scuzzier Young Avengers mode to kiss goodbye, before heading further into the abyss. Hope you like it. Oh – we’ve also announced the unusual issue that opens the next arc, which is the Kevin Wada magazine special. An interview about it over on Comics Alliance – though if you’re a trade reader, don’t click until you’ve read it, as there’s major spoilers.

You should look in your local comic shop, or try an online book retailer. You can also get it digitally from comixology or direct from image.


Obviously, the big one. We conclude Darth Vader. Who lives, who dies.

It’s been fun. Salva and Edgar have been amazing throughout, and we’re joined by Max Fiumara and Dave Stewart for a little coda. Hope you find it interesting.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here. 

(Have a nose at the preview link for the alt covers – Jamie did one, which the readers of this Tumblr may especially like.)


This is something different. I was asked if I wanted to do a piece for  Scott Synder and Rafael Albuquerque’s world, and jumped at the chance. For career watchers, it’s my first work for Vertigo, which also means it’s my first work for DC. Er… don’t take that as me saying there’s any further work planned.

This was fun. Leila Del Duca and I riff on Quadrophrenia and Brighton Rock. Was great to be invited. As you can see from the names on the cover, there’s a mass of talent involved with this. 

It’s available from shops and digitally.


Six issues into the anthology, and we get to see Fringe and Junior in their first bout. I’m sure it goes fabulously.

You can buy it from your local retailer, or via Comixology or DRM free from Comics Cavalcade.