Out Today: Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1, Uber #27 and Mercury Heat #2

One more time.

Phonogram was Jamie and my Breakthrough book. Matt joined us on the second volume, and we’ve been having adventures ever since. It’s a book where music is magic. It’s an urban horror-fantasy that works as coded music journalism. It’s warped autobiography. It’s not quite like anything else, while including fragments of lots of other things. The people who love it love it. It is weird as fuck. It remains the ur-text of everything I’ve done in that side of my voice, and arguably where you get a purest burst of us. 

All Phonogram series stand alone. The idea is they work albums. You can jump along here, and everything you need to know is explained. If you’re assuming something is explained elsewhere, it’s because the book is really fucking weird. We never explained it. We’ve always been terribly metaphorical and obscure.

(It does pick up elements from previous volumes, and interlinks nicely with it – but that’s something else. If you want to go back to read the volumes, we’d normally suggest starting with PHONOGRAM: THE SINGLES CLUB, as it’s more accessible.)

Basically with Phonogram, you engulf yourself in it, and it either works for you or doesn’t. 

It works for more people than you’d think. 

In short: give it a try. If you like our stuff, it’s possible this will change your life. At the least, it will be unlike anything else you’ve bought this year, for better or worse.

And I can’t believe we’re allowed to do this again.

In short: The 5 years gap hasn’t left me any less unbearable about Phonogram.

Preview here. You can buy from your local shop, or digitally from Comixology or direct from Image.

And the end of Uber Volume 1. Oddly, not a bad issue to actually pick up by itself – it’s basically the equivalent of those last episodes in a season in Game of Thrones, where it sets up the direction of the next series. Volume 2?s title is revealed in here, plus a lot of reveals, deaths and similar. Busy issue. Hope you find it interesting. Uber is another singular creature, and I can’t quite believe we’ve done this much of it.

Available from your local shop, or Comixology. There’s also a preview in that Comixology link too.

And the second issue of Mercury Heat 2, where Luiza continues her investigations, mainly involving talking and punching. Plus more of the world building. Man!

You can buy it from your local comic shop or digitally. There’s a preview and a link to the free comic book day book in the digital link.