Out Today: Uber 13, Iron Man 25 and FCBD Uber Digital


And Another Uber as we catch up with our release schedule. Just putting Issue 14 to bed this week, which is exciting. Anyway! This one goes off to catch up with Maria after her escape form her imprisonment. It’s me doing my cheery Russian Lit pastiche, and basically focuses on a single home that Maria intersects with. It’s a stand alone issue, and I’m actually pretty fond of this one. I suspect it’s not a bad one to dabble in if you want to try Uber out – yes, it touches on the larger thrust of it, but you don’t need any more knowledge than the isolated farmers.

You can get it from your local shop, or digitally.

Talking about digital Uber, here’s a freebie…


There’s been people asking whether there would be a digital version of our free comic book day. The answer is yes. This is basically me doing a short oral history of issues 0-11 of Uber. There’s obviously increasing spoilers the more you progress into it, but if you want a taste of how the book works, this would be a good one. Also FREE, which is nice. Very Free.

You can download it here.

Finally, over at Marvel…


Tony versus Elves. Cold Iron Man armour. Weaponized Fairy lore. A gag born three years ago and whose time has finally come.

Preview here and you can buy it digitally here.