Out Today: Origin II #5 and Uber 12

origin II

And Frank, Adam and my period-novel in the Marvel Universe comes to its conclusion.

Everyone did lovely work here. Good work, round of a applause for everyone, sez I.

I suspect you may want to re-read it all after this. I suspect as a single entity it’ll have a different effect than just the single issues.

If you’re a digital shopper, it’s for sale here, and there’s a preview here.


Yes, it’s only a week since issue 11, but that’s us now caught up with the monthly release schedule, and we’ll be on an even keel from now.

Of note – it’s Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and there’s an UBER: THE FIRST CYCLE book as part of it. It’s basically an oral history of the story of Uber so far. So, if you were tempted to jump aboard, you could grab this issue, and the FCBD book, and go in monthly. It’s arguably a quieter issue than normal, and basically a chance to do dig into one of the leads who we’ve yet to see much beneath the surface. It also features a cameo from Virginia Woolf. Comics!

Oh – it’s all new writing in the FCBD book, so Uber readers will probably want to try and grab an issue anyway.

If you want to grab 12, it’s not presently on Comixology for some reason, but should be here later, along with all the issues so far.