The Wicked & The Divine


What are Jamie and I doing after leaving Young Avengers? We’re doing this, just announced at the Image Expo. The first interview here. Example quote, which sums up the core of the book…

Every 90 years or so, eleven gods incarnate in the bodies of the young. They are charismatic and brilliant. They stand before crowds, speak in tongues, and send them into rapture. They’re rumoured to perform secretive miracles. They save people’s lives, either metaphorically or literally.

They are loved. They are hated. They are brilliant.

Within two years, they’re dead.

That’s our cast. People with enormous gifts who only get to be on this Earth for a scant few years. The story joins with the majority of the gods returned to Earth – from Baal to Sekhmet, from Minerva to The Morrigan. Our lead, Laura, is a devotee. She loves them. She loves all of them. They make her feel alive like nothing else.

Laura wants more. She’s not happy with being a fan. She wants to be one of them, even if it comes with that cost.

And then she meets Lucifer.

Lucifer has a certain problem.

They help each other out.

Basically, it’s a superhero comic for anyone who loves Bowie as much as Batman.

It’s an ongoing. Out Summer this year. Interview includes much more stuff, including what it means for Phonogram (in short: things remain exactly as I’ve been saying for the last few months). 

Heres the in-progress spotify playlist. Here’s the image inspiration blog. Lots more to come. 

Just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.

More than any of these “words”, knowing this is the focus of that image blog makes me incredibly excited about it.


…Like, obv.

I instantly thought of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods reading this. Great premise, Kieron – good luck with it :)

I’m really excited about this. I can’t wait!