Young Avengers: The End Of The Season

Those who closely follow solicits have noted the absence of Young Avengers from the just-released February set. They’ve been wondering if that’s the end of our run.

In short: yes.

We were planning on revealing this at next week’s Thought Bubble Young Avengers panel, but the solicits were a little earlier than usual, so it’s jumped the gun.

What’s the story?

Jamie and my plan was always to do a season telling a contained story, leaving room to continue it if we felt we had something else to say. When the time came around and Marvel asked if we wanted to do more issues, Jamie and I decided we’d actually made our statement, and should leave the stage.

When we did that, Editor Supreme Lauren thought “Well, Young Avengers has always been in seasons. It’s never been a traditional ongoing. It exists in these short runs, where the creators do what they wish, then step away. Rather than becoming just like everything else, we should institutionalize that.”

In other words, while Young Avengers is going away after issue 15, I’m sure it’ll be back in an excellent new form at a future point.

We’ll be talking a bunch more at the panel and in future press, but that’s the core of it. It’s for the best. If Young Avengers ever became just another Superhero book it would depress the living hell out of me. I’d always rather be a firework rather than a low-watt bulb.