Photo via David Ferguson. Jordie turned up later, as she was getting an apple.

Decompressed is a sporadic podcast about comics craft. Rather than our usual format, this is a recording from the Dublin Internation Comics Expo. All the paneling was excellent, but we got special permission to run this one, as we were all buzzing about it. Go follow DICE on twitter to get updates about when the rest go live (and follow them on facebook too). It’s the Comics Are For Everyone panel, which is basically us discussing diversity. Who is talking? Jordie Bellaire, Becky Cloonan, Paul Cornell, Emma Vieceli, yours truly and Declan Shavley.

It had so much energy, I had to share.

The topic is enormous. We race to include as much as we can, and fail badly. Ideas come rushing out. People put positions forward that by the chat after the panel they’ve changed their minds about. It’s fluid, but fluid like lava. As I was on this panel, I moved between from red hot anger to complete and utter love for everyone who’s ever lived.

Listen. Hope you find it interesting.

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