On Sale Now: THREE, Uber Digital, Iron Man: Fatal Frontier

If you’re here looking for my NYCC schedule, it’s the next post down. Here’s a short cut link.

However, it’s a big week for new stuff…


This is a new Image series by Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire and myself about ancient Sparta, focusing on the helot slave hunts. The first interview from a year ago is still the best place to get a taste for this one. We’re all enormously proud of this one. It’s unlike anything you’ll have seen me do before, I suspect. Ryan is killing it so hard he may as well be at Plataea, Jordie’s choices are both period and audacious, Clayton’s lettering gets as much of a work-out as anything this side of Young Avengers, Professor Hodkinson’s expertise bubbles beneath all the choices and Hannah just wrapped the whole thing in a clean, beautiful design. I’m really happy.

You can go get it from your local comic shop, on Comixology here and DRM-free from Image directly.

The preview is here.

In terms of other stuff, I’m co-writing with Al Ewing on IRON MAN: FATAL FRONTIER, which is the latest of Marvel’s snazzy new Infinite Comics. This is basically a moon-set story based on the core of my original idea for my Iron Man run, but executed in a more Marvel Universe way. If you’ve never tried an Infinite Comic, this is a good place to start. Followers of the Iron Man run may be especially interested, as this is actually part of the larger design of my Iron Man run. Come the end, we’ll be working elements into my series. Also! Has my new fave villain. You can buy it here.

Finally, Avatar and Comixology have had a nice chat and now their books are available through the service. That means all the people who were asking after UBER in a digital format can now be satisfied. You can find the issues here.

And that’s it. Phew.