Uber Issue 0 Preview/Sell-out

You can read it over at Bleeding Cool.

A few notes before you go in. This is a hard-R comic about WW2 with everything that entails. If you are worried about content, it probably isn’t for you.


Do click through for the rest.

The preview ends with my essay from the first book. I pull those pages out and put them here, as it’s the shortest and sharpest explanation of my hopes and fears for Uber.



The whole issue is 44 pages of comics, and is available tomorrow (or Thursday in the UK).

In what’s always interesting news, it’s apparently sold out at Diamond before launch. That means all the overprint (which was considerable) has been depleted by the advance re-orders. No news on a second printing, but in the short term, whatever your local shop gets is what it gets. If you’re interested in getting a copy, may be worth either getting there early or giving them a call to ask them to keep a copy for you. Or whatever your shop prefers. You know your shop better than I do (Unless your shop is one of my shops, in which case I may know it as well as you do).