This Decompressed is like turning up to a gunfight and discovering the dude’s got two guns and you have to (er) dodge both bullets? I was originally going to do a sex metaphor, and thought better of it. Extrapolate for yourself. ANYWAY! Writer Sam Humphries has two comics this week, and I thought a compare and contrast could be interesting. UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 with Ron Garney is a relaunch as part of the Marvel NOW initiative. SACRIFICE #4 with Dalton Rose isn’t just creator owned – but actually self-published, moving towards its conclusion. How do the two experiences work? There’s got to be something to talk about there. And lo and behold, there was.

You can buy both from your local comic shop, or online at digital comic shops (Here’s X-Force’s comixology page and here’s Sam’s page to point at all the places you can buy Sacrifice, online and off).

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

And if you’re very still, and look down, you may spot the embed in its natural habitat, just below. Be careful. Don’t startle it.

Oh, that’s beautiful. That’s just beautiful.


Sacrifice Pages 4-5

Sacrifice Page 12

Sacrifice’s Indicia

Uncanny X-force, Page 1.

Uncanny X-force, Page 2-3

Uncanny X-force, Page 9, Panel 1

Uncanny X-force, Page 13, Panel 1

And we talk about more “other” stuff than normal.

Here’s my Decimation speech from Thought Bubble.
Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest by Mathew Restall.
which Sam recommends.
Timeline: Invention is the cardgame I mention.
The Royal Tenenbaums, which you’ve probably seen but it pays to be comprehensive.
Sam’s Mohawk Storm tumblr.
Battles Without Honor And Humanity, as curated by Sloane Leong, as written up by David Brothers. I thought Sam said Sonia Leong, and was actually entirely unaware of the exhibition, which looked like it was fucking great.

Our theme tune? Los Campesinos’ We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, again.