Something a little different this week. A podcast rather than not a podcast! No, really. It is actually different, as it was recorded in front of a live audience in Nottingham Game City back in (er) the past. October. Man! Doesn’t time fly when you’re incredibly busy (or rather, moderately busy and lazy). Anyway! This time I talk to Antony Johnston about his collaboration with Sam Hart, THE COLDEST CITY. This spy thriller set at the very last days of the Cold War is also the first complete OGN we’ve covered, meaning we wander over the whole thing. The audience also altered the dynamic, as sitting in front of a crowd, on expensive chairs in a spotlight does has a way of making you want to go all serious. So less nob gags than normal.

You can buy THE COLDEST CITY from your local comic-shop, online shops or digitally.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

Or there’s the honey trap of the embed. Can you resist it?

Of course you can’t.


Here’s Scrivener, the software he writes on.

Coldest City is a real grown up book! It totally has page numbers on it. You can follow it for real.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 5

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 20

Page 21

Page 24

Page 33

Page 37

Page 43

Page 58

Page 148

Page 158

Page 160

Our theme tune? Los Campesinos’ We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, you silly goose. It always is!