Many Comics Available For Purchase

It’s a big week any way you cut it. I can’t even work out what to put first. Let’s go with beginnings before endings…

A more expensive book than usual, this has short stories of a bunch of things from marvel’s Marvel NOW initiative, all framed by a lovely Nick Spencer/Luke Ross SECRET AVENGERS story. Relevantly, it’s the first appearance of Team Phonogram (+ Norton + Cowles + WFH)’s YOUNG AVENGERS. Miss America, Loki and a certain little situation.

Yes, I was trying to kill Jamie and Mike with that first panel. Though I did actually have the relative good grace to cut the number of captions down from around six to one when the art came back.

Basically, read and go and tell your shop you want to pre-order Young Avengers. Assuming you like it, obv. If you pre-order it and you hate it, that’s just crazy masochism.

And while we’re talking YA, I did an interview with Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance about the topic. Yes, I’m somewhat feverish about the book.

The final part of EVERYTHING BURNS. After this, there’s only the epilogues. JIM’s comes next week, which is something I suspect you’ll be grateful for.

Preview here.

There’s also the TPB edition of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: THE TERRORISM MYTH for those who are waiting for the softback collections.

The final issue of my Uncanny run. Actually set before AVX Consequences 1 in terms of the timeline, but it doesn’t spoil everything. A selection of gracenotes and character beats, and a little fun symmetry (both internally and in terms of harking back to my first .1 issue) and a little meta. Plus all my remaining plots concluded. Well, my main ones. For more on that, you’ll turn to…

Preview here.

And talking about Consequences, here’s the second part. Where the first bounced all over the place, this focuses in about as tightly as you can, with the clear majority being a proper confrontation between Cyclops and Wolverine. Two guys in a close to bare room is one of the hardest tasks to draw in an interesting fashion, so let’s have a round of applause for Steve Kurth who keeps the tension ticking on correctly.