DECOMPRESSED 001: Jason Aaron/Wolverine And The X-men 13

So I’ve decided to start an comics craft podcast. It’s called DECOMPRESSED and the basic idea is I interview a creator about an issue, and really dig into it. In a “What were you trying to do with that panel” way, though it’s not quite as all as detail orientated at that.

You can download it from here and have a nose at its page here. Not on Itunes yet, but we’ll see what we can do about that – for now, use the RSS to follow this cheery endeavours. It’s just over half an hour, which I think will be the length I’ll try to keep things to, just to keep it pop. No more than an hour. Honest.

(The specific value of “Honest” may vary).

EDIT: And now it’s on Itunes! Hurrah.

For this pilot I’m joined by the patient and awesomely bearded JASON AARON who’s discussing WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN 13. The podcast will probably work best if you get hold of a copy of your issue. It came out this week, so will be in your local shop and/or comic app. Here’s the link to Comixology.

However, in a just-the-facts way, here’s what we specifically talk about in a fair-use-for-academic-purposes way. It’s worth noting that this time, due to being terribly unprepared, all page numbers are based on including the cover and the intro page, as we were working off a PDF. This is totally a pilot. I’ll be better next time. Probably.

Page 3

Page 4-5

Page 9

Page 13, Panel 5

Page 15, Panel 5

Page 22, Panel 1.

The theme music is Los Campesinos! We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed. Hurrah for them.