Comics Out This Week

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Heh. Funny week this.

The last issue of Uncanny was hyper serious. This is, in every way, a romp.

Preview here.

As is this.

Preview here.

It’s Dan and Andy’s turn at scripting this week, but it’s the third part of our co-plotted Exiled. And is also fairly rompy.

Preview here.

The word this week is “romp”. Hope you enjoy ‘em.

Hey… I’m reaching the utter depths of fan-boy depravity here… but I had a seriously burning question about Uncanny X-Men and Magik. So sorry about this in advance… I wanted to say I love your Uncanny X-Men, it’s the best X-Men has been in a very long time for me. I was very excited when I heard Magik would be on your team, I had high hopes for uses of her character based on Phonogram and your Thor stuff, and Danger’s summary of her in issue 9 was wicked. Now it had been established that both you and Jason Aaron had contended for her use. And I realize that her necessity to you was likely more to accessorize Peter’s story, but I was wondering if you had any major plans for Magik coming up? Your current line-up makes me giddy for exchanges that haven’t happened yet and the fan boy in me is going nuts over it. There was a rather a lot of fuss made over Magik’s return and then all the obvious character relations she had were skipped (except for Peter and the New Mutants)… but she’s BFFs with Shadowcat, she studied more under Magneto than she did Xavier, and he was her headmaster when she gave in to her demon side completely… she was also tight with Storm… see? Fan boy rage… Grrrr. Anyhow, any plans? Please and Thanks.

Mr. Gillen

Uncanny was very cool! Danger answering emails under Unit’s control was very playful…

She said that Wolverine should be arrested rather than Ilyana :)

AVX: VS – Your Spiderman was really hilarious, and the action was perfect!

Seems like the X-men only win in your stories. Thanks ! :)

Could you give ONE MORE gift for me and all the X-men fans?

One really big optic blast!

Whedon gave us the “get off my lawn” blast.

Warren Ellis gave us the “nuke in the head” blast against the Krakoa Brood Clone.

Could you give to us one moment like that?

I’m gnawing the nails while waiting for the next issue! Gulp!

Without spoiling anything, there’s interesting times ahead for both Magik and Cyclops.

Yeah!!! :)

We are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting
‘Till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions of the world


I finally got around to reading AVX Vs #2. You really should write a Spider-Man series at some point. Really really.