Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Review

Writing about the conversion of the Iphone/Ipad hit over at RPS. Example bit?

The soundtrack by Guthrie is wonderful in and of itself but its integration is the key thing. The “EP” title makes sense, both in its four-parted structure, its small-yet-singular artistic statement and how the music is percolates throughout – both in sound and image. It’s a game which integrates all its aesthetic elements. For example, in the fights where a character beats their shield, with the DUM! DUM! is modern and eternal, retro both in terms of calling back to the primal prehistory of videogames and beating feat around a fighting circle, and modern as a club so cool they won’t let me in any more because I am so old and haggard that my testicles drag along the ground.

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