The Jam Trap Available (+ Launch Party)

Chrissy Williams’s (aka Delightful Wife) first poetry pamphlet is now available. It looks like this!

It’s a sequence of 24 prose-poems, extended from the original much shorter digital chapbook, illustrated by 24 comics artists. Cutting and pasting from Chrissy’s site: “John Aggs, Lizz Lunney, Meiron Jones, Sarah McIntyre, Ellen Lindner, Laurenn McCubbin, Julia Scheele and many more”. It’s probably best to buy it directly from the Publisher, though if you ignore the “Temporarily Out Of Stock” sigh, you can apparently order it from Amazon (and get shafted on the P&P. I’d really go to the publisher).

“Sequence of Prose Poems” is probably putting you off. It’s funny, accessible, humane and smart stuff about technology, relationships, cold ovens and scotch eggs. To be sickening, I’m crazy proud of her for all of this. You want to own it.

Also, if you’re in London on Tuesday March 6th (i.e. The day that’s started an hour or so after I’ve posted this) you can come to the launch party. It’s at the Phoenix Artist’s Club between Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road (map). People will be there with thematically appropriate Jammy Dodgers from 7, but there will be reading from 8. And then drinking, because that’s how poets roll, apparently. Here’s the facebook event page, with more details.