Comics Out This Week (And Stuff)

Just back from the Marvel Summit, which was the most invigorating of the three I’ve been to. Lots of exciting stuff ahead, none of which I can talk about. However, I can talk about this…

Finally, the first Journey Into Mystery trade is out. I’m especially happy it’s got the second issue’s cover, which is absolutely my INTRO TO JIM cover. It’s the Hard-back edition, so is a higher price, but since the softback is a little down the line (I don’t know exactly), you may want to jump in. There’s certainly retailers who sell trades at a discount you may want to nose at, for example.

Anyway – this is the start of my best reviewed work for Marvel. I’m enormously proud of it and don’t think there’s anything quite like it currently being published. It’s turned up in a fair few end of year lists, and collected more than its fair share of rhapsodical essays. I’ll nod you towards Comics! The Blog, which is a good one. Here’s Alex Spencers, which is another. And here’s Bleeding Cool having a rave about how we operate.

Buy the fucker. You want the hard-back. We’re that good. No, really.

Anyway – coming off the cocaine, I’ve also got another book out this week…

Where we go to the Savage Land for the 21st Century, TABULA RASA, and have Star Trek away team fun.

Preview here.



Oh – I was also the X-position interviewee over at CBR, so I faced the X-readers’ questions. You can read it here.

In other notes, I am made of tired.

Hi Mr. Gillen,

Why Uncanny has not a page of letters of the readers ?

If you let me suggest: Uncanny X-mails would be great!

This Issue was nice because everyone has a hidden agenda, especially Betsy.

Is Hope flirting with Namor?


I saw the cover of Uncanny #11!!!!


Who wins?


I believe Jordan’s planning to start a letters page.


Hey Kieron

I’ve asked this on a few boards to mixed answers and I figured it would be easier to just ask you haha. Big fan of your work and since you unfortunately aren’t writing any creator owned work at the moment (thats available to us anyway haha), JIM looks like it would be my best bet if I want to follow something of yours. It appeals to me more than x-men and the reviews for it have been ridiculously good.

So all that said, here’s the question: this would literally be my only marvel mainstream book. I don’t really want to go back and read any events or other books to understand JIM, and I wouldn’t really be looknig to engage in any other books in the future to keep up. So really I’m just wondering if JIM is self contained enough I can pick it up with no worries of being lost or finding myself lost in future. Marvel seems to have a pretty integrated universe at the moment, so that was my only concern. Any reply would be greatly appreciated :)

Jamie (sorry for the book of a comment!)

Jamie: I hope so. When the whole 30-odd issues is done, I wanted it to basically be its own volume which people could come back without its current MU context. It’s written to explain everything you need to know.

If you look at the reviews, I think it’s mostly worked – comments like “it adds enormously to Fear Itself, however reads perfectly fine as its own thing” turn up a lot. That was the aim.

The one line I normally explain how JIM’s first 10 issues works is that FEAR ITSELF is WW2, and Journey Into Mystery is the specific story about the Enigma code. While the Enigma code is of enormous importance to WW2, you can read a story about it with only knowing “There is a war with the Nazis going on”.

Anything relevant, I bring in.


Hello, Mr. Gillen. So far as I live in Russia, I have to order a JIM, through internet shops. And it must be said – this is one of the best comics I’ve read in my life! And your work on each character is amazing. For example: Leah, Mephisto, and finally, the Loki. And now, comes a collection hardcover edition? This is wonderful!
But I have accumulated a few questions – 1. Is there any possibility that remained a particle of evil in Loki? 2. And will the intersection with the other series? 3. And finally, what are your plans for the future of the series? I would love to know it)
I hope I did not ask too many questions) And sorry for my bad English…

Anton: thank you!

1) I dare say the worry that’s true is one of the sources of tension in the series.
2) The other series? As in, Matt’s Thor? Maybe. We do feed each other a little.
3) Oh man! That’s too general to answer properly. Making it even better, in short.


Not since Elfquest have I coveted a GN where I already owned all the issues contained within it! <3 /drooling

I talked up JiM in an article series I did for Sequential Tart about Loki, and a friend of mine told me he ended up going out and buying all the back issues because of it. :) Hope I managed to convert some perfect strangers into fans as well! *grin*