Phonogram 2.1: Pull Shapes Script

Sorry for the delay on this. As promised, I’ve prepared a script to Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and my Phonogram: The Singles Club for interested parties to download…

Download Phonogram: The Singles Club 1 – Pull Shapes here.

There were various requests, but I decided the first one would be best for a fair few reasons. 2.4 and 2.7 were popular, but looking at the script, neither really showed a lot of what made The Singles Club tick. The meat of the work on 2.7 especially was done in Instant Message. Doubly true with the spread in 2.4, where Jamie and I spent a week at each other’s throats about what was actually possible or not.

Also, anyone can read this without worrying about spoilers, because it’s the start of the story. And most importantly, the first chapter is online here, so you can even compare and contrast with the real thing.

(Though, as my new notes in the script say, the collected version tweaked the final scene a little for clarity).

And in state the obvious mode: The Singles Club is still available to buy from all good comic and book retailers. You can find your local comic retailer here. Amazon UK and US has it. In terms of comic retailers who do specific online ordering, Midtown are good in the US. And we always plug Page 45’s mail order, because they basically got Jamie into comics.