Regenesis: Uncanny X-men 1

And lo! I get Uncanny uncancelled. There is no limits to my powers. I’m like Jesus and Lazarus, except if Jesus offed Lazarus first.

AP broke the news about the post-Schism plans of Uncanny. Relevant quote:

In what the publisher is calling “X-Men Regenesis,” two separate teams calling themselves the X-Men will take root this fall with the respective series — “Wolverine & The X-Men” due in October and “Uncanny X-Men” starting in November. They will feature a divided roster of former friends and colleagues under decidedly different leadership and boasting competing goals.

Jason Aaron will be writing WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN with Chris Bachalo.

I’ll be on UNCANNY X-MEN with with Carlos Pacheco and Greg Land.

We give the very-early basics – because there’s only so much we can really say until Schism plays out – over in the piece at I explain the very rough direction of the book. Here’s the main quote…

“To use a word, it’d be ‘pugnacious,’” says the British writer of his cast. “It’s an X-Men team in public, operating on a scale we’ve never seen them act on before. Traditionally, the X-Men have mainly been about problems coming to mutantkind. They fight against foes who want mutants gone; the problem being [that] those victories just maintain mutantkind.”

“Over the last few years—mainly in the adjectiveless X-MEN book—we’ve seen the X-Men try and act more like super heroes. The idea being, we act like super heroes, maybe people will start feeling better about us. And it’s worked a bit; they’re certainly not hated in San Francisco as much as most of the world, but that’s a town. That’s region-based heroism. To change the world, they have to act on a world scale. That’s what they’re trying to do. UNCANNY X-MEN is the team aspiring to be the world’s premier super team and everything that goes along with it.”

Though there’s more in the interview, including a shameless Buzzcocks namedrop.

There will be much more about this, in the short term with a few more interviews and in the long-term as the nature of the Schism, the exact nature of the team’s separate purposes and the make-up of the teams come to light. For the latter, I’d warn anyone against taking the promo image in too literal a fashion. I suspect there will be more than a few surprises, unless you’ve broken into my house and read my scripts, in which case there will be no surprises and you’re a cad.

I’ve mentioned a few times my vague YEAR ONE and YEAR TWO plan for what I’m doing with the X-men. You probably have guessed that UNCANNY X-MEN 1 is the start of YEAR TWO.

While I am disappointed by the use of the renumbering gimmick (Uncanny has gone through drastic change before without renumbering), I am thrilled that you and Jason Aaron will be guiding the books for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work!

Mr. Gillen I’m very relieved. I’m also a little bit sad. I’ve been trying to get my comic reading friends into Xmen for a while, citing the upcoming Schism as probably a good place to finally jump on, or jump back on in some cases.

Now all of that work is for naught, because Greg Land is still drawing Uncanny.

I dont care for Mr. Land’s art, but I can deal with it, I even think there are some things he does quite well (drawing Anole is not one of them). Many of my friends though hate the man with a passion, and any work I’d done on Uncanny’s behalf is now undone.

I also must say, I’m worried that the Gen Hope kids are going to be used as some kind of sacrifice on which to fuel the schism between Logan and Scott. Zero and Transonic are two of my favorite characters in a while, and while I have to admit it would be gutsy to create an ongoing series where the whole point was to sacrifice the characters would interesting and ballsy, I hope my suspicion is incorrect.

As for the renumbering.

I actually approve of the renumbering, as much as it pains me to lose good ol’ Uncanny as it was.

Renumber provides a MUCH better jumping on point for newer comic readers. The entire Marvel line right now makes itself very accessible mostly do to renumber and rebranding.

Lastly I just want to thank you again Mr. Gillen for bringing some serious joy to this X-fans heart.

Bring the heat, Gillen.

I’m torn, i want Gambit and Storm to be written by Kieron, but i think it makes more sense for them both to be on Wolverines side (morally speaking)

Is it odd that the art made me wonder what each group of X-Men would do with a half of Professor X?

I know everyone says not to take the cover too literally, but until the team line-ups are clarified I’m gonna delude myself that Gambit will be in Uncanny.

Hello Mr. Gillen,

I am a long time X-Men fan and Cyclops is my favorite X-Man and I’m really excited with how things are happening right now. From what I read, it sounds like Cyclops and his X-Men team will operate like Avengers and JLA(global) which is really awesome.

And also with the upcoming rivalry between Cyclops and Wolverine. I can’t help but think that Wolverine has too many mutant power advantages over Cyclops.

Cyclops really needs a power upgrade to somehow even the odds a little. I made a little suggestion over at the official Marvel forum but I’ll also post it here hoping that Cyclops will get an upgrade.

Here’s my suggestion for Cyclops power upgrade.(I based this idea on the X-Men Civil War Mini when Scott loses control)

ENERGY SHIELD & ENHANCED STRENGTH – A form of energy that surrounds Cyclops entire body making him stronger and invulnerable to physical attacks.

PROS – Cyclops completely becomes a “Brawler” in this state. He will be able to stand toe to toe with the likes of Wolverine, Captain America & The Hulk. And also he retains his visor so he will still be the same ol one eye Cyclops.

CONS – Cyclops can’t fire his energy beam while using this power, and the amount of energy required for this is doubled so he becomes exhausted after using it for 10 minutes.


Thank you for taking your time on reading my message. And I can’t wait to read your new Uncanny X-Men #1 comic book.

Wow that’s a shocker, i’m glad the books seem to be getting defined casts.Hope you get Gambit Kieron!!!

can’t wait & loved Carlos Pacheco’s art on 534.1 – B.I.O.

Gotta say after the Brubaker/Fraction years I was pretty much on the verge of quitting Uncanny and X-Men all together then I read Quarantine and noticed the stark contrast in quality once you started co-writing, that lead me to read your .1 issue which won me over to read Breaking Point which I thoroughly enjoyed!I was worried because I was absolutely put off by your first Fear Itself issue but two issues later I totally see where you’re going with this. I have total trust in you with Uncanny come November! Just wish that Lowe hadn’t bought Greg Land back into the fold, have we X fans not suffered enough at his hands?! Anyways look forward to the future of Uncanny under your helm.

P.S. Journey Into Mystery is easily one of the best series currently going on. I hope you get to work on that book for years to come!