Generation Hope 7 Preview & Stuff

Here’s the preview of next week’s Generation Hope 7, wherein strange things are afoot. As in, psychic horror and Idie saying multiple sentences.


A bunch of Journey Into Mystery 623 reviews? I think so.

  • IGN: “Kieron Gillen is quickly surpassing even his previous Thor work with a run that is essential for Fear Itself readers and fantasy fans in general.”
  • BleedingCool: “For those coming off the Thor movie, Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen and Doug Braithwaite is the perfect comic.”
  • Newsarama: “This book is absolutely one of my new favorites coming from Marvel.”
  • MTV Geek: “It’s the best book Marvel put out this week and you should pick it up.”
  • Weekly Comic Book Review: “Well, I can now say that Kieron Gillen’s Journey into Mystery certainly does not fall into “first issue syndrome.” In other words, the second installment is still awesome.”
  • Multiversity: “..All the Asgardian adventure you’ll need.”
  • A Comic Book Blog: “Reading a Gillen written story about Asgardians is like sipping a really fine vodka.”

Sadly, I only drink cheap and nasty vodka, because I’m not classy.


Via Sheret, I find myself on the closing track from ghostpoet’s album.

Also, via Karen Beilharz, the full stream of Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut.

Oh – and following from the previous EMA post, here’s Ian Mathers’ review over at PopMatters, which is lots of fun.


For those who were amused by the RPG posting, Gril’s rounded up the diaries for the current adventure. Compare and contrast the first one’s jollity and this one. It’s all gone Warhammer.