Paper-Science, Pris, Carnivale, Criticism And Evil

Paper Science is awesome pop-newspaper thingy. Issue 4 is available to pre-order. Options described here, including the sexy 4-issue sub. Includes work from Luke Pearson, John Allison, Timothy Winchester, Andrew Waugh and Adam Cadwell. Go gets!

Go gets!



As I mentioned in my stand-in-for-Jim on the Sunday Papers, I’ve been a little obsessed over Pris for the last week. As correctly guessed by Simon Sweeping The Nation, this is so me that it’s a little embarrassing. Multi-girl-kinda-harmonies! The Waitresses/Slits/Shampoo/Blondie/Kenickie clever-dumbness! Heart nailed on sleeves, with nails, and the nails sticking outwards! Suspected Glitter-fixation! Name taken from an awesome film! All over this.

The one Simon gave the heads up to is this…

Crying After Kennedy by I Love Pris

But Blu-tack Baby is my fave, which really is a glorious.

Blu-Tack Baby by I Love Pris

The spoken-word middle-section is the sort of thing which exists to provoke 10,000 word essays in Fanzines. It’s an aural badge on the lapel. I can only applaud.


My formspring remains something I use to keep the fingers moving. Probably some of the stuff I write there really could be a blog post in and of itself. I mentioned that I may write something about Carnivale, and I suspect I wouldn’t have written much more than this question/answer

So, why does Carnivale suck?

Oh, suck would be strong. There’s much to like in there. But it’s so glacial to strike me as hugely arrogant. Imagine if it got cancelled at the end of the first series: “Yeah, sorry guys – fuck all’s happened for 12 episodes. Bye!”.

Hawkins’ is my main frustration. By the third episode delightful Fiancee and me were openly laughing at him and his reticence to have anything whatsoever to do with the plot. If the plot walked in one door, he’d go running out of the others, covering his ears and going “NA! NA! NA! DON’T WANT TO BE IN THIS SHOW! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!.

I mean, Crowe gets a couple of scenes an episode, tops. And in most episodes, he gets much more actual dramatical progress and character growth than the perpetually doggy-paddling plot-avoiding Hawkins.

Imagine for a second if you swapped Hawkins’ character for someone slightly different. I mean, swap it for Kid-with-knife in Phonogram and you’d get all the plot of the first series in one episode because he’d just ask the sensible questions. Hawkins full plot for the first series is this scene, eternally repeated.

“Hello, Hawkins”
“Let me tell you what’s going on!”
“No! Bye!”

Only three episodes into the second series though. We’ll see.


The Mindless Ones-unit has been writing some especially good stuff recently. Here’s Amy Poodle starting a big series on the Invisibles (which strikes me as definitely worth re-examining now, given that we’re just on the cusp of its real-time period. Much in the same way that 2004 seemed a good year to re-appraise Target 2006). Meanwhile, Illogical Volume uses the final panel of Scott and Ramona jumping into space to actually say some fresh things about Scout Pilgrim. Oh – and away from Comics, I loved the Quietus’ piece on the C86 tape, which made me start listening to Velocity Girl again (And the secret urge to write a silver-dressed vodka-pissed Scottish speedster superhero called Velocity Girl). Also, I’m to blame for Leigh Alexander downloading her entire brain into song-by-song reviews of Joanna Newsome’s last one. And now part two. Man!


I’ve been following the story since I heard about it, Johann Hari’s piece about Westminster council attempting to criminalise helping the homeless in the district captured the sheer horror of it all.

And I actually donated some money to this attempt to oppose the Murdoch bill before the 10 days are up. I’m mean as hell. That I coughed up probably says something. I think it’s worth it. This will only hurt our democracy in a time where we need the machine at its strongest.