Thor 611 Out

And a new issue of Thor hits in the US today and the UK tomorrow. It’s the start of my final four-issue arc, “The Fine Print”. As you can imagine by the title, it’s about some small details in contractual wrangling. It’s kind of a court-room drama, but instead of a court-room we have Hell and armies of demons. That’s an episode of Boston Legal for you.

THE FINE PRINT is the first arc which I’ve written without having to think about outside issues. LATVERIAN PROMETHEUS was me running with the position JMS left me. THOR: SIEGE was about showing how an enormous situation impacted the Asgardians. THE FINE PRINT is basically me running with all the elements I developed in Thor and turning it into a four-issue heavy-metal epic. I think it’s the best work I’ve done on Thor. I also think it could be the best work I’ve done for Marvel full stop, building directly on the sort of stuff Jamie and I did with Siege: Loki.

(A fun thing about this arc is seeing how Rich Elson and Doug Brathwaite approach the Disir characters, who have a lot of fun here.)

I had a lot of fun with this. Except the accents, which are hateful. And 611 only has a couple of named Disir! Two more turn up in 612.

Anyway, the preview’s here. I hope you enjoy it.