Thor 609 Out

Well, at least in the US it is. Who knows when the issues will actually reach the UK? Not I.

Thor 609 is out this week. No reviews yet, but there’s a preview here. You may note that the cover’s changed from what’s solicited – which was moved to Thor 610. That’s because the Thor/Ragnarok fight is actually there – after the end of Siege – and this is something else. And I won’t say anything else.

Well, about Thor 609 yet, anyway. News broke of Thor 611’s new cover and solicit yesterday, and the previously solicited start of Fraction/Ferry’s run is – to quote Tom Brevoort – moving back a few issues. I’ll do a post about all the solicits shortly, which I’ll give some more info. In short, Thor in Hell. Those who’ve been following my run may be able to have a rough guess what his Busman’s holiday’s connected to. In short, I’m very excited by this arc. I’ve got hopes it’ll be the definitive one of my time on Thor.

Oh – and Solipsistic Pop 2’s launch party tonight at the cross kings. Yays!