Phonogram 2.7 and S.W.O.R.D. 4 out

Two comics this week. Out today in the colonies, tomorrow in Blighty…

Final issue. Preview here.

Reviews so far…
Seb Patrick, Comics Daily: “As a whole, it’s an undeniable masterpiece, of the sort that comics rarely get any better than.”
Greg Burgas, Comics Should Be Good: “Even though it’s been over a year since the first issue came out, these seven issues still feel ephemeral, like the magic of music itself.”
James Hunt, Comic Book Resources: “It’s hard not to be impressed at how the story can evoke a soundtrack even when you don’t know what it sounds like.”
David Pepose, Newsarama: “Gillen ends it all on a pitch-perfect note, making a night of musical hipsters transcend into something both mythic and even somehow romantic.”
Hannibal Tabu, The Buy Pile: “Really effective stuff as an individual issue, and actually inspiring interest in a collected read.”
Kyle Garret, Comics Bulletin: “This single issue is the perfect finale”
Mario McKellop, A Polemic Killer Room: “I loved every issue of Phonogram.”
Phill Cameron, A Poisoned Sponge: “It works because the art is beautiful, and the writing quite often sublime, and because it taps into the thoughts we all have.”
Scott Cederlund, Pop Syndicate: “The best pop albums always have a killer last song, the perfect track to end an album while leaving you wanting more. That’s what Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie do with Phonogram: The Singles Club #7; they deliver the perfect single to their series.”
Chris Sims, Invincible Super Blog: “So yeah: I can’t really say that this is the best “silent” story ever as it does not technically contain Snake Eyes, but it’s probably in the top two.”

Greg’s is an inch closer to spoiler territory – well, more hinting on the twists – but totally worth reading for his own personal story about music.


The penultimate issue. Preview here. One review so far…

Miguel Perez, IGN: “I’ve had more fun reading SWORD than I have with most of the other books in my stack. I can only hope that more readers give the eventual trade of this series a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is.”

Greg Burgas, Comics Should Be Good: “I hope people get the trade, because it will be a fun read.” (And there’s a little more on Phonogram in there too)
Julian Hazeldine, Comics Daily: “It’s never too late to say how fantastic SWORD is.”

Oh – and while we’ll plan something more party-like for the trade launch, but we’ll be having a few drinks at the Prince Arthur in London near Euston. This Friday, from 7. Pop in for the wake.