Let’s start the day with some stuff involving me, because that’s always a perennially popular topic in a blog that’s abstractly about my work.

(In fact, that it’s become an actual workblog thing rather than something a little more oddball and improvisational is something that nags at me. Part of me knows it’s because of RPS taking a lot of my spare blogging time. Part of me knows that I suspect I’d have backed off a little at – hnnnngggghhh – this stage in my career anyway. I mean, people who are surprised when I’m heart-on-sleeve now are going to be in en rapt with sheer horror if they go back in the archives now, y’know?)

Firstly, some PG2.5 reviews…

Greg Burgas, Comics Should Be Good: “Let’s start the day with this. Firstly, some PG2.5 reviews…”
Kyle Garret, Comics Bulletin: “Phonogram is great comics and more people should take the plunge into its world, because there’s nothing else like it.”
Hannibal Tabu, The Buy Pile: “Wonderful, engaging and brilliant.”
Paul O’Brien, House to Astonish: “…as usual with Phonogram, it doesn’t really matter whether you know the band or not. The point is what they mean to Laura, and her love/hate relationship with Penny. and that’s universal.”
Alex Spencer, Comics Nexus: “It’s hardly a criticism to say a comic left you wanting more, but given that Phonogram mk2 was always going to be my favourite/most important comic of ’09, there’s something almost infuriating about the tiny 16 page stories told in the pages of The Singles Club. Almost.”

Secondly, some podcasty malarkies. Firstly, House to Astonish talk about S.W.O.R.D.. Secondly… ifanboy have a very brief chat about PG2.5, but you should be listening to them anyway.

Thirdly, I’ve got the second issue of Ares out this week. There’s a five page preview here. It’s also the final issue of JMS’ Thor, which has a five page preview here. My first issue is next week, and there’s a six page preview at the back of JMS’ issue. So if you want to see anything of my Thor, that’s the first place you’ll see it.

Fourthly, a little footage of the 2:55am scenes at Leeds, including an incy bit of The Event.