S.W.O.R.D. 1 Out

So, with PG2.5 falling by the wayside, it leaves a single comic with my name on out this week. It’s S.W.O.R.D. 1, which you’ll find sporting this handsome John Cassaday cover.

(And, yes, part of me is very much aware the idea that the decade I found myself being dragged into comics via a John Cassady comic ends finding me releasing a comic with a John Cassaday cover is… well, exactly as weird as it feels. But more on that sort of feeling in December. I have things to divulge)

Okay. S.W.O.R.D. Out in the US today. Out in the UK tomorrow. I like it a lot.

This is the biggest Marvel comic I’ve had out yet. It’s about an planetary defence organisation, who were created by Joss Whedon in his splendid run on Astonishing X-men. That informs its tone, more than a little. In terms of the (generally really positive) reviews of the comic I’ve seen so far, a leitmotif has been it being not quite what they expected. Which I can understand – I threw around a mass of references in interviews – but the more playful end of Whedon’s emotional frame is kind of where it initially ends up, except warped because I’m writing about a couple-which-drives-the-story rather than anything else. I’m beginning to suspect, at least from the early part of the series, of all the references I mentioned HIS GIRL FRIDAY is actually the best one. Which suits me fine, as it is the best one.

Here’s an example of the better reviews out there from Newsarama, here’s an interview I did over at CBR just prior to release and here’s my beloved artist Steve Sanders’ being interviewed. Honestly, it’s worth clicking through just for a picture of Sanders’ splendid beard.

And, most relevantly, here’s the preview.

Buy the bloody thing. The first five issues are a self-contained joyride. Get on board.