Ares 1 Reviews

Response has been generally positive to it. It was a tricky week to launch a first issue – there’s a lot of big books out, which seemed to suck up most of the early reviews (I’m surprised – say – CBR hasn’t reviewed it EDIT: I spoke too soon) – but when the reviewed masses up I didn’t actually see anything that was openly full out negative. In fact, most people seem pretty excited. Hurrah for excitements. It’s very much that kind of comic. Here’s some which caught my eye…

James Hunt, Comic Book Resources: “Ares, then, is an unlikely hit in just about every area.”
Kirk Warren, The Weekly Crisis: “This is someone that reads the source material and immediately understands what makes the character tick and begins crafting a story tailor made for them.”
But Before I Kill You: “This comic is about how not to fuck up Ares. And it was great.”
Paul O’Brien, If Destroyed Still True: “It’s brazenly over the top, but so it should be – it’s an Ares comic. Fun reading.”>
Klaus A, Corebrner: “So, I read this book not sure what to expect really. The only word I could utter after reading it was: “Fuckwin”. Read the review.”
Panels on Pages: “The dialog Gillen provides for Ares and his ragtag Shades is fantastic. “

Yes, Ares is a book which provokes positively-inclined swearing, which is only right.. Also Awesomed By Comics podcast said some very nice things about it too. Oh – just for a dissenting opinion, here’s IGN’s middling one.