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  1. The_B
    7 September, 2008

    Beard and various component moustaches thereof: We salute you.

    Also, you totally should have gone for the Steampunk era Ringmaster style handlebar moustache and top hat look. That quite possibly would have been the most awesome/disturbing/scary picture ever.

  2. Schtee
    7 September, 2008

    You look all youthful and as I remember you from PC Gamer staff pictures of yore. Aww.

  3. Tadhg
    7 September, 2008

    Ooh, tache #2 for the win.

  4. Vanderdecken
    7 September, 2008

    Third pic does indeed make you look like one of my teachers. Except he’s a physics teacher, is about 68 and his name’s Lance.

  5. A Beard
    7 September, 2008

    The civil war one is bestest. Did you do it all with a razor & scissors? If so, that’s pretty skilled. Whenever I have a beard that I’m abotu to shave off, I can never whittle it down to the desired shape. If I’m going for sidies, I always end up with wonky ones that slowly diminish as I desperately try to save what’s left and keep them even :/

    In short: I suck at shaving. Someone should make an arcade game based on it.

  6. Matthew Craig
    7 September, 2008

    I am getting my beard trimmed tomorrow – paying for it, mark you – so that I don’t look too much like an axe moiderer for my interview.

    I WISH I had the guts to wear a Tickler ‘Tasche – unfortunately, my face is the wrong shape, and my moustache has a tendency to grow up, down, in and out, all at the same time.

    Frankly, I blame My Name Is Earl.

    I usually shave my beard off for comic events – I experimented with the beard for the two I attended in June, and sold fewer books. More rational minds would blame this on the economic pressures of the season – holidays, etc., the lack of need for wacky Xmas gifts – but not I!

    Or possibly me.


  7. Diogo Ribeiro
    7 September, 2008

    I see your Spore insinuations :)

  8. Elton
    8 September, 2008

    Those taches are phenomenal.

  9. Joe
    8 September, 2008

    I like the porno-stache. Which is worrying.

  10. Edward Kaye
    8 September, 2008

    Yes! Everyone likes a good bit of beard fun. Last time I grew a giant beard I shaved it in a variety of humorous ways too. My favourite was the moustache look. It scared the shit out of my wife!

  11. Chris Rice
    8 September, 2008

    I kinda wish you’d kept the handlebar, I rather liked that…
    Also, whilst it may be very cruel of me to mention, I keep looking at the current photos and thinking of the wild and shaggy C-monster :-)
    That said, ta very much for the Future of the Left recommendation, we both love ‘em. Have to check out McLusky now.

  12. Kieron Gillen
    9 September, 2008

    Chris: I still can’t believe you weren’t into McLusky. Man!


  13. davidmc
    9 September, 2008

    things got a bit Luke Haines for a while there…

  14. Rich
    9 September, 2008

    Those glasses are in need of some serious straightening.

  15. Aman Chaudhary
    10 September, 2008

    I’m still getting over the “Space Invaders” thing you did with the Saturday version!

  16. Bobsy
    17 September, 2008

    Holy shit. I mean, I’d heard of the beard, natch, (I think the whole internet had heard of the beard) but I wasn’t prepared for such bushiness.

  17. Adam Cadwell
    17 September, 2008
  18. Adam Cadwell
    17 September, 2008

    (I messed up the html above but you get the idea)

  19. John Saflo
    23 September, 2008

    I’m sorry if this has already been pointed out, but you look a lot like the TF2 sniper.

  20. Jamie Rutledge
    1 September, 2009

    Your beard rivals my own. One day I hope to have a spectacular beard like yourself.

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