Warhammer: Crown of Destruction #1

I completely didn’t realise this. Comics Continum lob up the Boom solicitations for September . It includes the following item…


By Kieron Gillen and Dwayne Harris, covers by Karl Richardson.

When the Chaos-vermin Skaven rise from their endless burrows, there’s always a vile purpose in mind. So when a vast horde equipped with unfathomable weaponry sweep into a backwater of the Empire, disgraced Greatsword leader Frohlich knows there has to be a reason. But can he find out what it is before the thin shield of human steel shatters beneath an irresistible hail of warpstone bullets?

24 pages, $3.99.

My ever-loving editor Ian Brill has lobbed the first page online. Still to be coloured – and lettered, for that matter – but kind of gives you an idea of the realist style that Dwayne’s applying to the gig.


I’ll say more about this anon, but tonight’s a busy one. I’m off to SF at 6am tomorrow, so need to get lots of things sorted before I get on the plane. For now, the solicitation kind of gives the theme of it. It’s about as far away from Phonogram – and Busted Wonder, for that matter – as you can imagine. They probably demark some kind of triangle in my head, marking out my aesthetic influences. I have enormous affection for the Warhammer Universe: Getting hands on with the Clan Skyre is highly amusing.

You can order now, if a grimmer slice of pulp fantasy is to your tastes. If not, wait until I have a proper rant about it next week, and I’ll convince you.