Warhammer: Crown of Destruction #1

I completely didn’t realise this. Comics Continum lob up the Boom solicitations for September . It includes the following item…


By Kieron Gillen and Dwayne Harris, covers by Karl Richardson.

When the Chaos-vermin Skaven rise from their endless burrows, there’s always a vile purpose in mind. So when a vast horde equipped with unfathomable weaponry sweep into a backwater of the Empire, disgraced Greatsword leader Frohlich knows there has to be a reason. But can he find out what it is before the thin shield of human steel shatters beneath an irresistible hail of warpstone bullets?

24 pages, $3.99.

My ever-loving editor Ian Brill has lobbed the first page online. Still to be coloured – and lettered, for that matter – but kind of gives you an idea of the realist style that Dwayne’s applying to the gig.


I’ll say more about this anon, but tonight’s a busy one. I’m off to SF at 6am tomorrow, so need to get lots of things sorted before I get on the plane. For now, the solicitation kind of gives the theme of it. It’s about as far away from Phonogram – and Busted Wonder, for that matter – as you can imagine. They probably demark some kind of triangle in my head, marking out my aesthetic influences. I have enormous affection for the Warhammer Universe: Getting hands on with the Clan Skyre is highly amusing.

You can order now, if a grimmer slice of pulp fantasy is to your tastes. If not, wait until I have a proper rant about it next week, and I’ll convince you.

This is not what I expected! But good show, anyway!

Also, look at that knife! I never quite got into Warhammer in the same way that I did with WH40K. Not entirely sure why – oh, wait. SPACE MARINE BIKES.

(Bloody hell! Nun Marines!)

(oh, god. Twenty years since Rogue Trader)

I see they’re doing a Blood Bowl comic, already. I’ll have to have a squizz at that.

Also also, you should pick up a copy of tomorrow’s (today’s, Saturday’s) Birmingham Mail. They do carry the Birmingham Mail in San Francisco, rrrriiiiigghht?


Oh, hell yes.

i’m more jealous of you for this than phonogram!

If your proper selling rant doesn’t mention a profane warpstone relic shaped suspiciously like a wedge of Emmental, I’ll be sorely disappointed. Sorely.

Haha, Kieron, when did your logo image become so hirsute! Made me cackle.

I’m probably just being rubbish and you changed it ages ago, but there you are..

are you going to be at Games Day?

Not this year, alas. I’d only go and buy a Vampire Count army or something. I know my Editor is going, so maybe they’ll do something more comics-related next year. If so, will be there.


OMG, you have the same hair style as me (i.e. not too much, I blame my dad!) and, you had the same beard as me. Unfortunately my wife likes my beard so I have no option of removing it and getting to look a bit younger in the process! Great blog btw.