newuniversal: 1959

The Marvel solicits for July have gone up at newsarama, revealing amongst many other pieces of fine comic product, the following item…

newuniversal: 1959
Penciled by GREG SCOTT
This is a story about killing the future. 1959 is the dawn of the new age of superheroics—the so-called “Fireworks” have granted superhuman powers to three Americans, and set the world on a collision-course with destiny. But it’s a destiny Philip Voight must prevent at any cost. The first newuniversal one-shot expands the mythos of this world, thanks to writer KIERON GILLEN (Phonogram), hand-picked by newuniversal’s Warren Ellis, and the brilliant art of GREG SCOTT shows us the world, like it never 1959.
48 PGS./Parental Advisory .$3.99


Which is lovely.

I’ll be saying more about this at a later. If you’re not aware, newuniversal is Warren’s reboot of an old 1980s property. It’s in the serious approach at Superheroes subgenre – if you’re not a comics reader, the most obvious reference would be Heroes. In other words, no costumes, no wackiness, real emotional reactions to the unreal, real stakes, real decapitations (It’s got that Parental Advisory sticker for a reason). It’s one of my favourite current comics in the genre, so it’s been amusing going and adding my own spin on a little corner of it. And it’s a novel experience getting money for writing comics too.

If you want to order it, you can ask your friendly neighbourhood comics chap to do so. If you haven’t actually read any newuniversal, the first six issues are currently available in a trade, and the second series is just underway if you want to join. If you just want to buy it, however, it’s actually a self-contained thing. And… oh, that’s enough for now. I’ll be rabbling about it soon enough.

People have been asked what it’s like being hand-picked. It’s not quite as sticky as you’d expect.

nice! congrats on the payment and picking.

Very, very cool. That cover is five kinds of great, too.

congrats, man. is handpicked like being asskicked? because, i’ve gotten that.

Congratulations, actual money is always lovely to get. Are you planning or been offered any other work-for hire gigs on the pervert suit side of the market? I imagine that aside from the cold, hard cash, it’s an excellent vehicle for self-promotion.

And that really is a lovely cover. But then it’s embarrassingly easy to sell me anything that features trenchcoats, fedoras and huge shadows.

Kleid: It’s like that, but they give you money instead of taking it away from you.

Soren: There are no pervert suits in NU!


Good lord, congratulations man! Only a couple of months behind Kitten, too, although you get to do a whole book on your own.
Plus with the built-in Ellis factor you should get some pretty decent numbers on this, plus the inevitable reprint fees.

“Soren: There are no pervert suits in NU!”

Yet. This is Warren after all, surely there’s bound to be porn-scientists showing off teledildonic gimpsuits at some point.

“Philip Voight”

conflagration of Philip K Dick and Voight-Kampf…?

Philip Voight is an old marvel character who Ellis rebooted for newuniversal. Dunno where its original creator got it from.


Congrats man!

For a moment there watching the cover2, I thought you were involved in a Spirit reboot.

Nevertheless, props to you.

Oh, you…

I’m gonna….

ENVY. Ok? Lots and lots of envy.

Sigh – I’m going to have to buy this now.


Yes, but higher pitched.