The Greatest

So I stick on Cat Power, as I’ve no-one else to talk to.

It’s 1:50 in the morning. About half an hour ago, I finished playing a preview slice of what seems to be the first genuinely great game of the New Year. I mean, it could all go to pot – it’s the first fifth of the game – but what I’ve blasted through is up with anything. I don’t actually want to name it, as I’ll be starting to hype it soon enough, but rather concentrate on this feeling. As I step out of the game, I go to their website. Then I read the readme. Then I start reading their interviews. Then I search their site for a mail address, but since there’s only a form, I don’t bother (you may, from this, presume it’s an Indie game). Between all this, I send a string of mails to my commissioning editor, giving him a first impression, then asking about some minutiae of the piece. And I’m also flicking up and down the my IM client, checking if there’s anyone online who I can talk about the cutting edge of videogames with. That is, someone who would *get* what I was on about and why I was so excited and perhaps do something with it themselves.

I have my head full of all the thoughts in the world and no-one in the immediate vicinity to send them flying at. And I’m climbing walls with the frustration of it all – so many things to communicate and no place to communicate them to except…

That I get like this, of course, why I became a critic in the first place.

i’d be happy to wax poetic about games if you catch me on the onlines.
must be good, whatever it is.

Eh, now I want to give that game a shot!

I get that sort of feeling in very long intervals… last time? I believe it was when I discovered Shintaro Kago’s mangas.


Awww, you can tell us! We’re here for you.

(And I want to know what it is dag nabbit!)

Hype! Hype! Hype! Hype! Hype!

Now I’m curious…

The last indie game I played was Masq, if you can call it a game.

Is it Aquaria? I bet it’s Aquaria.

It wasn’t Aquaria. But I do like it.

It hasn’t a publicly available demo.


See, that’s why I’m Text Jesus. Something good, something massively important to share and seed and get out, I text it. It also forces me to be a bit more concise, which is a blessing for all involved frankly.

it’s funny, i think a lot of the people who make the best critics tend to be people who have that almost autistic NEED to communicate with a person as soon as an idea enters their head. that if they don’t discharge this epiphany into the brain of a passing human RIGHT NOW that it will explode like a grenade in their brain. i have noticed this a lot in the few critics/writers that i know.

by contrast, the thought of actually speaking to another person unless i have to mostly makes me want to cry.



Ah, it’s World of Goo, isn’t it? I just preordered that son-of-a-bitch last week. I must admit it was the music in the trailer that sold me.

Those following RPS and the workblog may be able to put 2 and 2 together. I will neither confirm or deny.


(It’s confirm)


David, you’re probably right that it’s common but not necessary, I shouldnt imagine! It’s not always a great thing, when you get to the stage of pausing things (films, music etc) to say something, or coming home after a long day and talking incessantly at your partner until retiring to the computer to write all the things you just said….yeh that’s gotta be a bit annoying to be on the other side of!