Momentary Panic

So, that Sims Sex piece I published on Rock paper Shotgun got Slashdotted. Which is great, of course, as we like hits – and I want to do a post about our cheery chasing for hits some time soon – but does lead to that thing of horrors… the Slashdot comments thread. The question, as always is do you read it. Slashdotters aren’t stupid in any way – they’re just very SPECIFIC and there’s millions of ’em, so you can be sure that the ones who comment on any given piece are the ones who REALLY CARE about the subject matter too much.

So I scan it. Not read ’em all, as it’s one I’m a bit too precious about. It’s mostly as okay as you can expect, for a relatively unusual feature. Several pick up on me picking up on my interviewee’s confusion of Hentai and Anime, but I’ve fixed that. So okay…

Except one person who makes the startling observation that the Sims 1 didn’t actually have proper veiled Sex until the Hot Date expansion. I go “Erk”, realising they’re actually right. At which point I scan through the feature and am relieved to see that for the vast majority of the piece I’m talking about sex as a group category of actions rather than sex as the ol’ penis vagina thing. There was sexual content in the sims… it just wasn’t fucking, which is kind of my point.

I presume I thought of this when I wrote the article, and forgot about it in the last couple of years, as the wording is pretty careful in terms of how I’m dodging around the topic.