Testicles in a Jar

Bloor Organs

A late start today due to tiredness induced by cheery insomnia from the night before before (Hypochondria teaming with two hyper-infective pop-songs chasing each other around my head kept me up until God knows when. Ended up having to wave up and read all of Arkham Asylum to overwrite the thoughts). But getting pages of thumbnails like the above are as good a way to start as any.

Prompted by Neil Kulkarni’s review of the re-issue in the latest Plan B, I finally get around to actually listening to the Young Marble Giants. Within minutes I’ve ordered the album from Amazon. While we wait for shipping, join us at their Myspace. Start with Final Day.

Also, while I’m linkblogging, I notice that Douglas Noble’s Silent Choir is actually approaching completion. I’ve been reading these in his Strip For Me small pres zines for as long as I’ve been involved in the comics subculture, and they’re always a highlight.

Are you doing a comic of The Wasp Factory or sumfink?

I’d love to do that. But no. It’s another set of testicles in a jar. There’s a lot of them around.


Probably worth noting that the online Silent Choir has 253-style links, too. I suspect I’m not the only one who had to have it pointed out.

I was toying with my own YMG review, but was in a shit headspace for it. Foisting it elsewhere now, such is editor’s prerogative (there’s a story there I’m not sure if you know). I think the problem with that reissue, like all the reissue crop of the last couple of yhears, is that it’s too frigging long. These beautiful records, be they acssettes or slabs of meaty vinyl, were perfect in their conciseness. I’m the biggest Joy Division fan I know, but the idea of listening to all of Heart and Soul Disc 1 is crippling, not least because Unknown Pleasures is such a neat album.

Finally, I may have a favour to ask of you.

I suspect the idea being that it’s nice to own, if not to listen to. Definitive YMG on a disc. That’s attractive. You’ll probably rip it and have a playlist on your PC anyway, so who cares about albums, eh?

Or so’s the theory, I guess.

You know, I suspect that the reason I never really investigated them before now was because they’ve got a rubbish name. I be so shallow.