Out Now: Mercury Heat #10


Due to yesterday being busy, didn’t get a chance to post about this. The fourth part of this arc of Mercury Heat, where things continue to be rather silly. To choose one random panel I saw someone reblog…


Available at your local shop or digitally

Writers Notes: The Wicked + the Divine 20


Spoilers, obv.


Out Today: The Wicked + the Divine 20 and Darth Vader 21

We reach the middle of RISING ACTION and we finally get around to explaining how Laura’s still alive. It’s quieter, but I suspect there will be a strong response to this one. On a structuralist level, when I originally conceived this book as 40 issues, having this be issue 20 is very on point. This is the abyss in the middle of the book. Er… there’s a few jokes though. Plus Cassandra’s back, and she’s very much on form.

(It won’t be 40 issues now – we’ll almost certainly be longer)

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. The actual Preview is here.

END OF GAMES continues, with Darth Vader tracking down Cylo… while our friendly neighbourhood Murder Droids try to locate Aphra and apprehend her, in their own inimitable style.

This one was fun.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

Out Now: Cinema Purgatorio #2


(Well, there’s a cover for each story, but this is mine.)

The second issue of the Alan Moore curated anthology is out. My contribution is Ignacio Calero and my Modded. Last issue was very much the core concept of the book. This is where we slowly start dialing up the weirdness. Hope you like it.

You can buy it from your local retailer, or via Comixology or DRM free from Comics Cavalcade.

Out Now: Darth Vader #20


Start of a new arc in an over-sized issue. END OF GAMES is basically where everything goes climatic. This issue has a tight focus, and features some of my favourite scenes of drama in the entire run, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them. Plus, a back up story about BeeTee and 000 which explores their origins a little, with the usual helping of murder. 

If you want to know more, I did a long interview here.

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

Writer Notes: The Wicked + the Divine 19

Spoilers, obv.


Out: Cinema Purgatorio #1 and The Wicked + the Divine #19


New book time! 

When Alan Moore asks you if you want to be part of an anthology, you say yes. In my case, you say “Yes”  and contribute a story that is basically R-rated Pokemon in the style of The Fast and the Furious, in a Mad Max universe.

It’s also a device for me to talk about videogames, in the broadest sense. I hope it works for those who are complete obsessives of the form and those who know absolutely nothing. It starts iconic and light, and then builds to something which I’m still not exactly sure about. It’s its own world, that just happens to map onto a cultural history of the art form I spent the majority of my adult life writing about.

Primarily though? It’s funny. I hope you like it.

Oh – here’s a big interview about it, which talks a lot more about it, as well as capturing some of the tone of the book.

In passing – Ignacio Calero is a force of nature, and I think people are going to flip over him.

You can buy it from your local retailer, or via Comixology or DRM free from Comics Cavalcade.


And Rising Action continues over in WicDIv, where I’m sure everyone just talks reasonably and talks it out. My proudest element is having a scene set in a south London fried chicken place, which is apex Write What You Know. Lots of fun stuff, I think. Hope you enjoy it.

(Plus – that Kris Anka cover, right?)

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. The actual Preview is here.

Out: The Wicked + the Divine 18, the WicDiv Hardback, Darth Vader 19 and Mercury Heat 9

I’ve been travelling recently, so haven’t been updating as much. I’ve basically locked the workblog down in a way which makes it really hard to update for security reasons. However, as this is basically more of a JUST THE FACTS sort of place, I figure that’s fine. That said, some big books have come out for you to nose at…


Once more, we return.

After our hiatus, we kick off RISING ACTION. we’re all back. The issue is designed basically as a clean jumping on point for those who wish to dabble (or those who wish to give the book another spin). It’s also designed to be just the most enormous rock and roll thing we’ve ever done. If something can explode, it will explode. When working it out, my style sheet is basically “Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video for 5 issues.” After the blue period, I think it will prove a necessary catharsis. You should enjoy it. “Enjoy” remains the most loaded word in the WicDiv lexicon, of course.

(Here’s a new interview over at the Daily Dot where I write more)

I only realised after the majority of the hyping was done that we should have just described it as a WICDIV CIVIL WAR. I never said I was smart.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image.  We did a special trailer for the issue you can read here, and the actual Preview is here.

Hope you enjoy it. Good to be back.

Yes, it’s the hardback of the first 11 issues of WicDiv. This 400 page over-sized tome includes everything in the first two trades, plus a bunch of extra material – primarily my 36,000 or so words of writer notes. 

And most importantly, shiny on the cover. SHINY ON THE COVER. WE HAVE THE SHINY. PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS, etc.

It’s also available on Comixology.

Here’s the end of our THE SHU-TORUN WAR arc, where all the plots come to a climax and we send things hurtling towards the next arc. It’s a crammed one, certainly. 

It’s available from your local comic shop or digitally. Preview here.

Approaching the mid-way point in this, where we continue to have a lot of silly Sci-fi action fun. I especially enjoyed the last splash page.

Available at your local shop or digitally.

Digital Comic Sale

There’s a digital sale going on of all of our stuff. If you want to catch up on WicDiv before jumping aboard 18, or grab all of Phonogram or… well, who am, I to tell you how to devour your comics? DEVOUR THEM ANY WAY YOU WISH.

In short: digital comics, with about 50% off. All of WicDiv so far for $15! All of Phonogram for $18! And try out Jamie’s own Suburban glamour for four dollars.

You can get from Comixology here or Image directly here.

End on the 14th. CONSUME CONSUMERS!

Out Now: Mercury Heat TPB

The Mercury Heat TPB is out today, which collects the first six issues and the FCBD issue of the series. Mercury Heat is, of all the books I’ve been doing, the one that’s most under the radar. Which is a little odd as “Sci Fi action police series set on Mercury” isn’t exactly me at my most pretentious.

Mercury Heat came from around 2008, when William and I were first talking Uber. He wanted a female-lead action story. Whatever genre you like. Go play.

I came up with a semi-hard sci-fi piece of ultraviolent satire, in the mode of 2000AD and Warren Ellis’ early-00s action-movie-on-paper with a splash of overthought out World Building. If it came out when I wrote it (in 2010) it would have been worryingly prescient, I fear, but even now you get to see the horror of a world where all jobs are basically ran by a glorified Uber app.

(As in, the taxi series. Not my other Avatar comic.)

I talk about it a bunch more here, and the FCBD book is also available to read online for free which includes a lot of yabber about the world-building and everything else.

You can get it via your local comic shop or whatever bookseller is your choice.