Out Today: Crossed: Badlands #75


My Crossed: Badlands arc with Rafa Ortiz starts today, which is my taking on Garth Ennis/Jacen Burrow’s extreme horror universe. That translates to as about as NSFW as it gets.

I did a big interview at Bleeding Cool about it. For more, I wrote an overview of the concept here.

You can buy it from your local shop or digitally by following the link.

Oh – and I was on holiday last week, so didn’t manage to blog updates. DARTH VADER #4 and ANGELA: ASGARD’S ASSASSIN #5 dropped. You can still grab them at your shop, or digitally via the links.



My much-teased story during Secret Wars. Essentially a spiritual sequel to my first marvel book, S.W.O.R.D, this is basically Game of Thrones’ Night Watch populated with characters from across the Marvel Multiverse. Lots more details here.

This is basically my hymn to the glory of the Marvel Universe, and lots of fun.

Out Today: The Wicked + the Divine 9 and Darth Vader 3


Firstly, it’s the Ananke/Cassandra deathmatch the world has been waiting for, plus Baphomet having a nice little mope and lots more. Very much a chance of pace from the last issue, while also… oh, it can wait for the Writer’s Notes. Also includes the biggest I-dare-you I-double-dare-you to the annotators.  

Preview here. You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image (When it uploads, anyway – I’m posting these a little earlier than usual due to Emerald City travel). 


Secondly, the third issue of Darth Vader. The first two were about setting up the status quo, and the relationship between the three. This one we go off the grid, and introduce some new stuff. Apart from the cameo of Black Krrsantan, Aphra and the Droids are kind of my first new major characters. 

Preview here. Star Wars: Darth Vader is available from your local comic shop or digitally. (When it unlocks later today, anyway).

Writer Notes: The Wicked + the Divine #8


Actually, before I start, I want to give a formal notice of sort.You may see this is the latest I’ve ever done a WicDiv notes. Asyou’ve seen all the other writer notes drop off, you may wonder if
this is a trend. In all honesty, it may be. As I’ve written before,
this schedule is utterly frenzied this year. It’s do-able, but it
also requires a lot of discipline – and at least part of that
discipline is not working too hard. I’m leaving space to recharge
batteries, as otherwise I know I risk burn-out.

(This all sounds quite bleak but it’s all just part of working as
a creative.)

Anyway – that means that a lot of things I’ve done which
basically tap the same emotional reserves as “work” are lower on
my priorities than last year. This would include the Writer Notes. As
fun as they are, they are very much a case in point in me just not
turning off. I had vague plans of perhaps reducing them to a
one-set-of-notes-per-arc sort of thing for other books, but as I
haven’t done anything yet, it’s probably telling.

In short: if there’s not many of these for the rest of the year,
I’m sorry, but it’s a casualty to the work. And on a personal level,
I’d appreciate if you don’t ask after them specifically. It stresses
me out, and I could do without that.

That level of self-centered woe-is-me bullshit out of the way,
let’s get on with it.

Spoilers, obv.


Out Today: The Wicked + The Divine #8 and Darth Vader #2


Time for Dionysus: The Dancefloor That Walks Like A Man.

If you’ve been following us all whining on twitter, this one almost killed everyone involved. That feedback so far has been overwhelming suggests it may have been worth it. Hope you dig it.

You can get it from your local comic shop, or digitally either from Comixology or direct from Image. There’s a preview here.



The second issue of Salva and me doing our best Darth Vader. Here Darth Vader entirely accepts his new position in the Empire, and doesn’t immediately bristle. Definitely not.

Star Wars: Darth Vader is available from your local comic shop or digitally.  You can find a preview here.

Crossed: Badlands – Homo Tortor


I haven’t written an enormous amount about my CROSSED: BADLANDSarc. I’m going to make amends now, as it’s available to pre-order inthe usual manner, so if you’re interested in pre-historic
post-apocalyptic horror, you may want to speak to your retailer about
securing yourself a copy.

I’ll talk at length under the cut. Trigger Warnings apply. As in,
pretty much any of them.


Out Today: Darth Vader #1, Uber #22


The big new one. Salva, Delgado and myself unleash our death star. I’ve done a bunch of press on this, but it’s an ongoing Vader book set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back, and is basically the Fall and Rise of Darth Vader. 

Available from your local comic shop or digitally.  You can find a preview here.



Uber 22, which ends THE SHADOW WAR arc in the WW2 alt-history epic. What happens in Bletchley! What happens to Goebbels! What happens to Maria! And what’s happening next…

You can get it from your local shop and digitally.

Darth Vader Preview


Rest of preview here. Out next week.

Out Today: Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #3


Oh man. I’ve been so busy at getting WicDv 8 off to the printer, I forgot to post about this beauty. Angela! AT WAR WITH THE DARK ELVES as the cover says. Plus Sera and Angela’s backdrop, the origins of the new costume and more. Yes!

Preview here. Buy it digitally here.

Darth Vader Signing


Details here.

As people always ask, my standard signing stuff is “I’ll sign anything I’ve written. If there’s a sizeable queue, I’ll limit it to 3-5 items. If you’re willing to re-queue, I’ll sign another bunch. If you stay long enough and the shop is open, I’ll sign everything.”